God of the Dead

God of the Dead

A Poem by John F Carver

Did Jesus actually lose both Judas and the god of the dead? God was given no real choice he had to kill him. I will have mercy on whom I have mercy and not to them I do not.


One was born in Jerusalem but married high

To the man's daughter appointed to be High Priest

But he was the truer ruler of him ousted by

The Roman's he did not like, to say the least.

He believed in the written books and Mosaic law

But a wealthy politician unpopular

With the peasant Jews that believed what they saw

And they heard he hated too much to ever aver:

The Sanhedrin's president where they brought our Lord

Owned that man that betrayed him in the garden that night

With a kiss as they rushed the Christ in one accord

Though they fell back at what he said in fright.

Then they took our Lord to a court of law to try

In an illegal assembly of the Jews

That ruled by the power of Rome and not God Most High

Where when asked he did not deny them the news:

Are you the Son of God?--Yes I am he.

They didn't have need of the witnesses they knew

As they tore their robes and beat him for blaspheme

Which was punishable by death which they couldn't do.

Rome crucified the Son of God them days

And he died but on the third morning he rose

And the next Creation came in Jesus' ways

In all his glory by the plan of that man They chose.

When he died he went to hell among the dead;

So when he saw he cried, “I have seen the error in my way!”

And he was raised to heaven and born again they said

And for the longest time he deceived our God they say.

But when it came to condemning his Jewish friends he rebelled

To pit himself against Almighty God

So he fell to torment with others as it gelled

Exposed as having been an evil fraud.

When he saw how mean the Evil One was there

He destroyed him and took the official helm

But when nothing changed he saw the whole affair

For in hell it doesn't matter who rules the realm.

So he's bored, a god of God and evil as hell

For in the minds of all among the dead or on earth

The subliminal messages of the Devil fell

To everyone to their deaths from the time of their birth.

The King of Heaven rules but the god of the dead

Has nothing to do for one imagines in error

That man who killed the Christ in the Devil's stead

Is something when compared to the one that destroyed them there.

When it comes to the tribulations he's led by God

To do the things the Devil was prophesied

To do with everyone supposing it odd

The Devil would deny himself for he lied.

But he can be saved if he raises the Devil anew

And then subjects himself to the master that is true

To be raised at the resurrection the same as you

When death and hell are destroyed with all things made new.

To live in the new Earth's judgment under the King

Where without the Devil everyone is good

That is every one that did a sinful thing

Then even he will be good, at least he should.

He says that he will never love our God

And our hearts go out to him like they did in love

To Judas Iscariot for it's love we laud

And we can love the god of the dead just like Christ above.

So he came against a baby god on earth

But he begged our God to destroy him for what it's worth.

© 2017 John F Carver

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I grieve. A god died tonight.

He turned himself into Satan whom he thinks he has destroyed. He is gone. He is exactly him. The Satan that was was destroyed but the god of the dead is actually him after this. Praise God!!!

Ironically Satan used to call himself the god of the dead also.

Weird now Satan is having an identity crisis, He doesn't even believe he is Satan! This is fun, ain't it? Everything he does proves he is Satan. But he refuses to believe it it's true. Satan is the same as he always was. Forget him as soon as possible.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on October 4, 2017
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John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

If you want a lot of faith ask God to put the spirit of your flesh into a deep dreamless sleep until your body dies that only he can wake it from like I did. It is a good idea if you find you are not .. more..