Wild Bear Moment

Wild Bear Moment

A Poem by John F Carver

Three timber wolves came ambling along the shore

As a cub black bear saw them and approached nearby

She stood on her hinder most of legs and did roar

To see the wolves back off without knowing why.

Two other cubs hung close by the sow in their fear

As she strutted back when the wolves ran off in their fright

As the huge sow set her feet back down with a cheer

If bears can cheer at the cute courageous sight.

She clearly thought the timber wolves backed down

Because she was so formidable to view

As the sow resumed the lesson on how not to drown

For she saw the incident endued by few.

Has any cub ever seen what is real

In timber wolf eyes watching her not her cub

Amazed her little one eschewed the feel

Of attacking wolves content to slight the flub.

A baby god took on the god of the dead

And thought he endured an “awesome foe” moment

To realize afterward in anxious dread

What might have been had it been a “No!” moment.

God was about to teach him not to boast  in himself

And he passed the test not feeling loved but saved

Till he almost put his poem upon some shelf

As he grieved for the god with their love engraved.

© 2017 John F Carver

Author's Note

John F Carver
The god of the dead committed suicide by God tonight. It was all in God's hands and the baby god was never really in any danger because when God loves he really loves. Wouldn't you love to have his heart!

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Added on October 4, 2017
Last Updated on October 4, 2017


John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

If you want a lot of faith ask God to put the spirit of your flesh into a deep dreamless sleep until your body dies that only he can wake it from like I did. It is a good idea if you find you are not .. more..