God's Reason Why

God's Reason Why

A Poem by John F Carver

Sort of a very short Bible overview from the point of view of the creations of mankind.


In the beginning I created light in the dark

Of darkest darkness, the Night and the Father called

To the light and Jesus made the light so stark

When I said it was good We very nearly bawled.

When We made nature We made the angels all

And We made man exactly like us it's true

And I said it was all very good to all

But they loved to live like animals and not you.

They committed iniquity by refusing to

Begin to live and never used their potential much

So we left them dead and turned to creating you

Who rarely use your potential as it is and such.

So I made a man and gave it our Spirit too

Not like the first of man and woman had

But they used the Spirit for themselves like you

One died and the other did something that was bad.

She allowed herself to be deceived and died.

When the Serpent fell not going directly to hell

We saved her but the man decided to decide

To die by naturally doing just like the gal.

The Serpent fell in a dispute concerning the Jews

When he made the Father mad by being bad

And he couldn't live with it when he heard the news

For he thought it right to make them be quite mad.

God let man do whatever they wanted to

But unlike the first ones they used the Spirit wrong

Instead of their spirits like the first man do

For loving violence they didn't belong.

In the end it was Noah that survived them all

For even his children were like the dead ones then

Full of iniquity and sins not small

As the Spirit left them they were as bad as had been.

So God chose to get involved with Abraham

And the beginning of the third creation began to be

But in the matter of Ishmael he almost made it a sham

But God blessed and with circumcision set him free.

He used his spirit to seek the Father's ways

And he sought the Spirit to learn how best to obey

And in fear God blessed him all his livelong days

But in the end he's a blessing to all one coming day.

The creating of the third Creation was

At last a finished thing when Jesus died

For by the Spirit now man can do what God does

As Jesus does what the Father was to decide.

But this Creation lasts to the last of evil man

When the Devil is destroyed and they are raised

Then after death and hell are not is the plan

They live in the new Earth! Jesus Christ be praised!!!

From Adam to those the last of man to die

God loved the man he made! His reason why.

© 2017 John F Carver

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Author's Note

John F Carver
From the first man to Adam and the last of mankind to die on this earth and from Judas to Jesus all are saved in the end but Caiaphas and he was for a long time. God saved us all.

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Added on October 5, 2017
Last Updated on October 5, 2017


John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

If you want a lot of faith ask God to put the spirit of your flesh into a deep dreamless sleep until your body dies that only he can wake it from like I did. It is a good idea if you find you are not .. more..