Learn to Love

Learn to Love

A Poem by John F Carver

You can be good, you can even be right,

You can be the best of judges that there are

You can have mercy in your heart and their sight

But without love you're worse than nothing and not by far.

You can obey and never sin like Christ

But when you hate and take it wrong that's when you die

A little... so love is never overpriced

For those without love don't actually ever cry.

So love a toad, a frog or even a fly

And don't kill a single thing if you have a choice

It's alive and God values its life is why,

My little ones hear what I say and God's voice.

So love a mosquito or an ant or bee

Don't catch them or put them in a plastic jar

For life was made to let all others be

And you can choose to let them be your star.

For in God the life star shines in every one

Great big, humongous or very tiny germs

From human beings to maggots not just for fun

And don't forget the microscopic worms.

Then love snakes and reptiles the same as birds

All dogs and cats and fish and even fleas,

Bacteria, moss, grass made by God's words

And given to you to enjoy without high fees.

But then even love rocks and tiny grains of sand

And not just the movies but the disks that play

And whether the movie was good or bad and-?

Just anything but practice it every day.

Grandparents love your grandchildren and pray,

And parents teach your children to love all ways

And children help your friends learn love today

For hate is worthless but love expressly pays.

Don't listen to the voices of hate but love

And be careful of the prostitute that preys

Who perverts Love's ways but reminds all of those of

God's way of sincere and truthful love in these days.

The only truth they have is you will love that

For you know how to love though they make no sense

But instead of what you should in grief or fat

But love them anyway the poor things think love's a pretense!

There is love that frees, there is love that hides and protects,

There is love that allows its enemies to die,

There is love that allows others to choose things it rejects

But there is no love that forces its lover! Good-bye.

Then love God the Father of Jesus Christ who is love

So love everyone you might not be thinking of.

© 2017 John F Carver

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Love me I ask? I love you.

Feelings come and go but love stays.

Everyone is like God who is love: Even the dead in some way.

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on October 5, 2017
Last Updated on October 5, 2017


John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

If you want a lot of faith ask God to put the spirit of your flesh into a deep dreamless sleep until your body dies that only he can wake it from like I did. It is a good idea if you find you are not .. more..