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Let your Mind Live

Let your Mind Live

A Poem by John F Carver

Put your brain to sleep if you want to live in your mind

Picture your body from the outside looking in

Picture the skin on your head, now pass through and find

Your skull and water then your brain and begin.

Picture your brain from the outside; that's your brain

And now use your mind to gently push it down

Allow it to relax but not refrain

Push it down slowly until it's flat as a gown.

Down to your throat and neck then into your chest

Being sure that you don't relax your heart the least bit

If you get pain push your mind up with your brain's best

Relax the muscles in your ribs right where you sit.

Then when you reach the bottoms of your feet

Let your brain rest on the floor beneath like your sole

Your mind has filled your body, it's spirit complete

Let your emotions awaken and make it your goal.

Let them live in your mind as your soul lives in your heart

Let it stay that way both night and day from the start.

© 2017 John F Carver

Author's Note

John F Carver
If you find you have to do this in the morning or in bed again that's you flesh rebelling. Repeat the procedure as often as you want. The spirit of your body which is also in your brain will eventually atrophy or die as the spirit of your mind takes over your entire body but your heart where your soul lives. To relax your heart will kill your body. You don't want it to die but simply replace its spirit. Then your soul is free to interact with the spirit of your mind not your brain or flesh and your mind is useful as the spirit you got from God tends toward God effecting your mind but both are driven by your soul the source of your emotions that is in your heart. You are really alive. But don't think of your soul, mind and spirit as separate. They are you and parts of you. And, don't think they are separate things and talk to them. That's insane and leads to more trouble than you ever thought of with the spirit of your flesh which you are dominating until it just gives up and dies entering a dreamless sleep forever. God taught it to me so of course it works. You will see. God says try.

WARNING: Do not advise your unsaved family and friends to do this. All they have is the spirit of their flesh. Should they do this it is very dangerous. They will die. Their spirit will die certainly but usually they don't know any better than to follow it down to death with their soul. If they do that their body will die also. So, if you do this make sure you can honestly and truthfully believe you are born again.

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Added on October 21, 2017
Last Updated on October 21, 2017


John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

If you want a lot of faith ask God to put the spirit of your flesh into a deep dreamless sleep until your body dies that only he can wake it from like I did. It is a good idea if you find you are not .. more..