End of the story

End of the story

A Story by Patience

A story of Marriage and Divorce


It has been twelve years that our story was written, from the moment I met you I was smitten. You were my love, my friend, my rock , my confidant, you held my heart from the very start. I new early on we were meant to be, and wedding bells and blissful love, was ours for all of eternity. You were the second greatest man I ever new, to me you were the stars and the moon. When we welcomed our little girl, you were the most amazing father in the entire world. Life was grand, and life was good, we were in our prime, and doing great, doing fine, we were good. Then the heavens had other plans, and the next three years were so very bad. I know you tried with all your might, to help me be strong and win my fight. My illness definitely took its toll, cracks in our marriage were all over the wall. Things got so bad you turned to a source, you needed relief a pick me up, a escape a happy place. Your own struggle then ensued you and addiction took over and consumed you. We both were now at our sickest and weakest, how in the hell did we think together we would beat all of this. The happy life we once came to love and know, was now a broken home with resentment and anger and now we were living like strangers. Part of the problem I would learn much later, was there was another in our marriage and you were secretly dating her. Finally the truth was told, my heart was shattered, I questioned if my Love and our relationship ever truly mattered. The time came and you left the marital home, to start life a new with your girlfriend plus two. Within a few days, you had a new family, a new home, and I was still scratching my head with all that went wrong. Our daughters life has forever changed, but she is being so strong and so very brave. After being gone for a month, Ive learned your now engaged and things have really sped up. I guess now as I ponder all of this new commotion, I better file for divorce so you can wed once again. I don't feel like I know you any longer, no longer friends, just my daughters Father. One thing I have learned through all of the hurt and the bad, I am blessed with loving Friends and Family whom support me, and got my back. Ive also come to see I am a lot stronger then I thought I could ever be. I am keeping my chin up high, and trying to be the ever adult and classy. After all that life has dealt me good and bad, I am learning very quickly, I have no time to be sad. I have a little girl that is the apple of my eye, and doesn't need to see her Mommy broken and asking why I cry. So, my story for the past 12 years has come to its end, this is the final chapter, the kaput, the very end. I am now starting a new story all about me, and the strong independent women I hope for my daughter to one day be. This is the story of a Mothers unconditional love, this story is all about the two of us, Mother and Daughter, walking hand in hand. 

© 2017 Patience

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True Story

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This is beautifully written and captures the feeling of the whole experience really well, you can imagine what it would be like to go through even if you've never experienced anything similar.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Marysville, PA

Separated Mother of 10 year old girl more..

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