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Don't trust anything in the darkness. One wrong move and you can land yourself in a place of your worst nightmares...


Zachary locked the door and switched the light on. Everyone was breathing very heavily, and they couldn’t believe how haunted this house really was. This bathroom was not too big, but enough for everyone to have at least two feet of free space. It had a shower, a toilet, and a sink. Pretty much what a normal bathroom would have. The only difference was that it was a lot older than modern bathrooms.

Jackson could not believe that this was happening. Out of all people, Jackson was the most surprised.

“This is too haunted. There is no way we are ever going to get out of here.”, he said.

Sid was going mentally insane. He thought it was just a dream. It was really messing with his head, and everybody started to get worried about him. He seemed like he was slowly getting depressed, as he was talking about how he wanted to die here, and that if he lived the memories of his friends dying would scar him for life. Suddenly, the attention went from Sid to a weird, loud noise outside the bathroom door. It sounded like… a chainsaw.

Max noticed a patch in the ceiling immediately. There was a little space of broken tile in the ceiling that was not patched up. Zachary was very tall, so everybody used his height as an advantage and climbed on his back to boost themselves off of him, which left him to be the last one up. The chainsaw outside of the bathroom door kept grumbling, yet it never made contact with the door at all. When Zachary finally made it up to what they thought was an attic of some sort, he saw the missing ceiling tile and put it exactly where it was supposed to be.

“Well, I guess we’re safe up here.”, Kenna said.

And that’s when they realized that nowhere in this house was safe. As everyone scooted over, Julian felt something above his head. He felt it and pulled it down. A light turned on, which revealed a room full of dead bodies. And not just dead bodies lying on the ground… dead bodies inside of ancient torture devices.

“This is a torture chamber!”, Meghan screamed.

“And we will need a test subject.”, a mysterious voice said.

Everyone looked over, but they were all too scared to speak. After about fifteen seconds, Elijah decided to be brave and to speak to him.

“What is this 'test' for?”

The mysterious person replied, “Possessed women are found daily in this house. I try to take out as many as I can, and we need to test a new torture device. We will not give you the key to get out of this room until we have one test subject.”

Everybody looked at each other in fear, knowing that this meant something horrible... they had to kill off one of their team members…

“Decide who you would like to kill. And tell me who it will be. You have five minutes, or I will take all of you.”, the mysterious person warned.

The group discussed who it would be, and who had been the most useless in this adventure so far, as they wanted to keep all of the helpful people alive. It required many variables, which required much time to be taken during this long thought process. After a few minutes, the group narrowed the possibilities down to three people, and those three people were Sid, Meghan, and Tyler. 

After a full voting session, they decided that Tyler was the one who had to be tested. They all said his name, and the mysterious person, who was wearing dark clothing, took Tyler’s very sweaty hand and placed him into a big, metal bull, through the bull’s head. The group could see his face. He was scared, sad, and frightened. Who wouldn't be? The mysterious person then took the bull’s head and pulled it upwards, closing the exit, leaving no way to get out of the artificial bull.

Everyone took a few steps back as the mysterious person, who claimed to be a scientist, took a huge canister of gas and dumped it into a pot a few inches below the bull. He then took a small match, scratched it against the side of the box of matches. It lit on fire, and he threw the match into the pot of gas. It immediately ignited.

As the huge fire erupted, the whole group could hear the horrid screams of their own friend, Tyler. After a few seconds, the screaming stopped, which left the group to assume that he was dead.

“And with that.”, the scientist said, with a brief pause. “Is the first use of our new torture device, the brazen bull.”

Though everyone was deeply saddened, Jackson clapped to make sure the scientist did not see them as enemies of any kind, but as friends. Max and Zachary started clapping as well, as they knew what Jackson was trying to do. Everybody else was completely traumatized.

The group was planning to stick around him at first, just because he had so many torture devices to kill off all of the deadly things that haunted the house, but since he had those devices, they didn't trust him. They believed that he would torture them and kill them.

The scientist came up to Max and gave him the key, and slowly walked back to the bull. Max gave the key to Zachary, who unlocked and opened the door. When the door opened, there was nothing in front of them. Completely nothing. But Patrick decided to look down, and he saw an olympic-sized pool of dark water.

 With a big gulp, he said what he knew he had to.

“We gotta jump.”

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Pretty good. I want to know why they picked Tyler. Wouldnt be cool if he was meagans sisters and she fought the group to keep her brother alive but looses in the end.
Maybe the key to get out is in the bull and they send tyler to get it becaue they accuse him of being a coward and he wants to show them all he is brave. Then when he gets the key its burns him alive.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Anything that hides in the dark and I can't see it is scary to me. lol.. It makes the hair stand up on heads.

Posted 1 Year Ago

A very good chapter. I liked the finding of the torture chamber and the wanting to escape. You made the story feel real life and the story line interesting. I wanted to know and read more. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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A Chapter by JordanStories

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