Already Ready

Already Ready

A Chapter by JordanStories

Johnny is getting ready for his fun vacation to Spain!


It was January 7th, 2027. Tomorrow would be the big day when 27 kids would take a trip to Spain to see the beautiful Madrid in Winter! Everybody was excited for the 27 lucky passengers, who actually won the trip in a school competition. 

Johnny was most likely the most excited. He had always wanted to go to another continent, let alone another country.

It was the start of the day, and Johnny got quite a bit of sleep. He came to school all woken up and ready for his final day of school before the trip. Everybody on the trip would be missing one week of school, but none of them really cared about that.

Johnny was done with his first class in what seemed like no time and ran to his second bell. He was stopped by a girl who was slightly taller than him. Her name was Paige. She hated him to death, and he hated her too. They always had a strong hate for each other, though there were rumors that Paige actually liked him. Those were later proven very false.

“During the trip, do not say a word to me, and do not get near me, got it loser?” she said.

Johnny nodded in fear and ran to his next class even faster than before. Johnny was scared of Paige, she was known as a tough girl, and anyone who had a crush on her had to go through a lot of pain before even thinking about dating her.

The rest of the day was normal for Johnny. At lunch, he sat with his friend Jackson. Jackson said that he was going to miss Johnny while he was gone. Johnny was going to miss him too, considering Jackson was his only friend.

At the end of the day, he packed up his stuff and was ready to go home. He ran out of the school doors and to his bus and was almost tripped by Paige. He didn’t really know what her problem was with him, but they both hated each other equally anyway, though they honestly didn’t know why.

He rode home on the bus every day because his mother and father were always working and could not pick him up to take him home. He was the first stop on his bus luckily, which meant he got home first. Once he was at his stop, he literally jumped off the bus and sprinted home.

Once he was home, he unlocked the door with the key in his backpack. He placed the key back in his backpack after unlocking the door and pushed the door open. He threw his backpack onto the ground and ran upstairs to his room to get his daily snack that his mother prepared for him.

Today’s snack was a brownie. He took a big bite out of the chocolate brownie and moaned in delight. He put down the brownie to go watch TV. He sat down on the couch to turn on his favorite TV show, but couldn’t find it. He flipped through the stations a bit more, but nothing good was on television, so he flipped off the TV and went back upstairs.

Later that night when his mother came home, they packed Johnny’s traveling bags with personal equipment and a few other things for fun and put them all in the trunk for the next day.

Johnny ate his dinner, which happened to be ravioli, like always. He finished that very quickly, within 5 minutes, and raced back upstairs to take a shower.

After his nightly routine was finished, he got under his covers and closed his eyes. He wanted to ensure a good trip with a good night’s sleep. He finally fell asleep after a while…

“Wake up!”

Those were the first words Johnny heard when he woke up. He looked over at his red alarm clock and saw that the time was 7:38 AM… 52 minutes away from the suggested arrival time! Johnny quickly got out of bed and got his slippers on. He went downstairs to eat his breakfast, and he knew he had to be quick. He decided to eat bagels this morning, instead of waffles which is what he originally planned.

He quickly chugged down his breakfast and ran back upstairs. His parents had his clothes ready for him ahead of time, which worked very well, especially in this situation. He immediately put them on and picked up his two heavy travel bags. He put them in his father’s car and got his shoes on.

They were his favorite shoes, green and black Nike shoes with awesome white streaks on both sides. Speaking of streaks, he could not bring his phone, meaning his 1,593-day Snapchat streak with Jackson was going to come to an end. Jackson said that he could take Johnny’s phone to his house and send each other snaps back and forth to keep the streak, but Johnny’s mother did not allow that.

Johnny was lost in thought for a while until his father told him to get into the car. Johnny hopped into the car with delight, and they drove off to the airport.

It was a beautiful day outside, in terms of snow. It snowed a ton last night, meaning the sidewalks and grass were covered with a beautiful white blanket of snow. It was very cold, though, sitting at 7 degrees below zero in Fahrenheit. It was a Saturday, and barely any cars were on the road, except for the occasional person who had to get to work early.

He passed his favorite grocery store, Kevin’s, noticing that there were barely any cars in the parking lot. In just a few minutes Johnny’s father pulled up into the parking lot of the airport, which was run by ‘Funtime Airlines’. Johnny always seemed to giggle at that name.

Johnny’s father walked with Johnny into the airport and up to the location where everybody on the trip was supposed to meet at. Johnny saw a few familiar faces, and a lot of people he did not know.

“Right on time Johnny!” Mrs. Jean exclaimed.

It apparently was exactly 8:30 AM, which was perfect for Johnny. He waved goodbye to his father as he left to go onto the airplane.

Johnny was assigned to sit next to Scott Geothorne, a person he knew pretty well. Johnny and Scott were in the same math class and had done at least three group projects together this year. They were fine with their seating, though Scott wanted to sit next to his friend Garrett.

Johnny had always kind of looked up to Scott. He was a good role model after all. He had good looks, he had good grades, and he had a good personality. Everything about him was good. He was a nice guy in general and always stayed positive.

On that plane. there were 27 kids, 5 parent chaperones, 3 teachers, and 2 policemen. Both policemen had a service dog, which made the plane ride for the people sitting near them very fun.

At that moment, the pilot announced something on the speaker above.

“We are ready for takeoff!”

© 2017 JordanStories

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Yea! Well done! Glad to have you in this group!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Hi, thanks for sending me the message. I did friend you. Now, to my comments on this chapter. I like the main character, and liking the main character is crucial. What I want is more details on the more important aspects of the story that you're going to develop later, and less details on the events that aren't important for later development as in what he ate for breakfast. True, some writers will talk about a mean but that is to develop the scene and its festivity or to show relationships. Thus, the brownie is important if and only if you want the brownie to say something about the relationship between the main character and his mother. If you want it to show something about their relationship, then explain even more about the relationship.

Again, I can't get into the number system so I'm leaving that part off.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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