The Son

The Son

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The first Short graphic novel script story. Called The Son. About a father trying to help his troubled seven year old boy.

The Son

His phone rang before Chris could enter his Car who have just finished his work as a sales manager for a fancy clothing store. On the other end of the phone was his kids teacher telling him that his son James is in trouble once again. James have been getting himself into fights and becomes vary violent towards the teachers in his school. It was only just a month ago that Chris needed to take his son home from school after James had bricked his teacher hitting her clean in the head. He heard no news of the teacher. (I am truly sorry. Miss Williams I be on my way to pick up James). Once saying goodbye Chris ends the call and puts his phone in his suit jacket and enters his car. James was only seven years old and already putting someone in hospital for only being told to take of his coat. Chris thought about his son when starting his car then with a deep breath heads to James's school to pick him up early again.

The vary best part of his kids school it was only located just down the street from where he lives. It was a Catholic school with a large playground where the kids can play games or spots. The school was called St. Jordan's it was the same school he once went before his two kids. Where he was the best player in rugby for his school but the older he got the more bored he felt for the sport. Now he prefer watching the rugby in the pub with his father who now is a head coach for a top English team trying his best to coach for his nation team Wales. Chris locks his car door with his car key before walking to the playground having vary old memories about his childhood. He spots his son's teacher waiting for him by a door leading to her now empty classroom where she can talk to the father of James. Miss. Williams was James's teacher with her black hair down long with a mix of grey. Miss. Williams was at least ten years older than Chris and Chris was thirty seven years old. (Good to meet you Christopher) Greeted the teacher. (Please call me Chris). Chris shakes the hand of the teacher before she opens the door to her classroom without saying another word and enters inside. Chris takes a deep breath then follows suit.

The teacher places Chris sitting next to his seven year old kid James who did not even look at his father when he entered the classroom but kept his head down not making a single move. Chris opened his mouth going to say something to his son but was interrupted by Miss. Williams who had moved her chair to sit down facing Chris and James. There was no one around beside the teacher and the father with his son In the classroom. (As you may know Chris. Your son have been in a lot of trouble recently. Starting fights with other kids and other teachers). (And that's why. All of this is just to strange. James never used to act like this he was always shy and good around other people. Me and Rebecca never had any calls about him till he started school again) Chris told the teacher getting a quick look at his son who kept his head down. (Your son James have been sending other kids to hospital by breaking their arms. Then when a teacher stop one of the fights. James threw a brick to her head nearly killing her). (Who is she) Chris asked forgetting about the teacher his son sent to hospital felling the shame when asking. (She is fine. But) Miss. Williams paused mid sentence looking at James with hidden disgust but did not show it once looking at Chris her anger was kept in check. (She is on a wheel chair and is unable to return to work. The doctors do not know how long it will take for her to walk again). (God dame it) Chris said from under his breath so his son won't hear. Chris bows his head like his son and only looks back at Miss. Williams when the teacher called his name. (Your son James need great help. Before he hurts any more people). (What you mean) Chris asked. Miss Williams stands from the chair to walk to her desk opens a drew and picks up a card. She gives the card To Chris when she sat back down. Chris looked at a card of a doctor his number was at the bottom with his name up top. DOCTOR WILLIAMS. (My brother is a specialist who helps people. He can help your son). Miss Williams told Chris. James slightly turns his head not noticeable between Chris and his teacher and saw the card in his father's hand.

The talk was over and Chris felt like he had just left a telling of by his old teacher even though it was more about his son James who walked beside his father both walking to the car. Chris opens the back door of his car for his son who climbs in at the back seat without a single word. Chris closes the door and heads to the front door of the car while holding the card with the doctors information on it. Chris opens the door but does not go in his car but instead looks at the card leaving his son to wait at the back seat. Chris tightens his grip on the card bending the plastic nearly snapping it. his face tightens trying his best to not shout at the school but instead throws the card as far as he could. (My son does not need any help) he said from under his breath then finally gets in his car and starts the engine after slamming the door shut.

With the short drive home now over. Both Chris and his son James gets out of the car and made a slow walk to the home. Chris gets the house keys from his jeans pocket and puts it in the keyhole in the door and opens it. With no one inside to greet them with his wife Rebecca in work and his daughter twin sister of James still in school with another two hours to go before getting picked up from the same school. (Go to your room) Chris ordered his son. James did not look at his own father keeping his head down and not saying a single word while walking up the steps heading to his bedroom while his father watched. Once hearing the door closed Chris crashed to the chair to rest. Holding his head when a unexpected headache started to show. (What am I going to do with you) Chris said resting his head in his hands slowly fading to sleep.

The next morning. Chris was in the kitchen of his house making breakfast before work making his favourite jam toast hoping to forget all of yesterday like it never had happened. His wife Rebecca enters the kitchen with a cup of tea ready to take their daughter to school having taken a day of from her work to watch James. (What time will you be back) asked Rebecca taking a sip of her tea. (I will be back. Before Lora finish school. Then I won't be back till late). Chris gets the keys for his car hanging on the wall and takes a big chunk of the toast before leaving it on the plate to head for work. (Mum! Dad!). Lora their seven year old daughter twin sister of James came storming down from her room and down the stairs to enter the kitchen. (Lora what's with the shouting). Rebecca asked seeing the scared face of her daughter. (James came to my room. Saying strange things and breaking my dolls). (Chris see what James is doing. I need to get Lora ready for school). Lora takes her daughter to the living room so she can get ready while Chris walks up the stairs heading towards Lora's bedroom hoping today won't repeat itself.

Chris slowly opens the door to his daughters room and was not ready to what he saw as soon he steps in. The mess James made was like any other naughty seven year old world do with headless doll heads scattered around and doll bodies. But it was the writing on the wall and what his son was doing. On the walls in red letting from Lora's colour pencils it said in big words Alone is best kill them all. Chris was left God smacked seeing his son James on his knees laughing in a voice what was not his own bashing a dolls face in with a hammer from Chris's father's tool box. (James) Chris called but the laughter from James over took Chris. (They must all die. They say) James said between laughter hitting the doll over and over. (James!) Chris shouted from the top of his lungs. James jumps by the loud voice coming from his father and acting like if nothing is happening turns to face his father. James saw the hammer in his hand and immediately drops it. (Why did you not listen James) Chris asked being more shocking up more than his son. (I....I) James tried to speak but the words did not come out James stands up kicks the doll away with his foot and storms out bumping into his father without even realising. ( Whats going on in your head James) Chris bends down to pick up his father's hammer and tried to stop his both hands from shaking while looking at the large lettering on the walls.

Chris locks James in his room as soon his son entered it and puts the key in his pocket. Once down stars he saw his wife Rebecca with their daughter Lora waiting for him. (It will be best. If Lora don't go in her room for a while intill I sorted it). Rebecca nods with agreement Chris goes through his pocket and hands the key to James's room to his wife. (Make sure you keep James in his room at all times keeping the door locked. Only open the door when he needs feeding. I will also be taking the day of from work). (Why) Rebecca questioned holding on to the keys. (James needs professional help. I wished he don't but he does. I know someone who can give me the right number). Chris walks past both his wife and daughter to get his coat and car keys and opens the door but does not step out and looks over his shoulder to face Rebecca with a hint of fear in his eyes. (Remember no Matter what don't let James out. I don't know how long I will be) Chris told his wife and left.

Chris rushes towards his car acting like if he just made a murder opens the door and enters his car. Chris starts the engine but does not move and keeps a tight hold on the steering wheel. A image of James hitting the doll with the hammer keeps popping up in his head. And he just wanted to just head butt the steering wheel till his head bleed but he knows his son needs help first. (Hang on James) Chris then finally gets the car moving.

With nothing to do now since she has a day of from school Lora walks up stairs heading towards her parents room since she was not allowed in her room. Lora could not help but to stare at James's room door when walking past having a strange felling in her stomach. (Lora) came her brothers voice from the other side of the door as soon Lora walks past. Not knowing what to do Lora walks back towards James's bedroom door nervously. (What is it) Lora asked in a shaken up voice. (Do you want to play) said a silent voice what Lora presumed to be James. (Mother said I am not allowed to be near you and in your room for what you did). With no other response by her twin brother James but only hearing quiet fast breathing Lora was about to leave. (I will let you play with my best toys. If you just open my door) the voice coming from the other side of the door did not sound like her brother and now sounded angry. (But mother has the key) Lora responded. (Its okay I have another one a friend gave it to me. But I can't unlock my door from the inside). From under the door between her feet a second key for James's room was found and Lora picks it up. Touching the cold metal Lora looks at the key knowing for well to not open the door but it was like if something was changing her mind. So Lora slowly puts the key in the keyhole turns the key till there was a click the sound of the door now being opened. She puts her hand on the doors handle and opens the door with the same time a laughter could be heard from James's room.

Rebecca sat down on the chair watching the latest news mostly about government. While the news was telling about today's weather Rebecca checks her phone to see if her husband has left her a message about any news but nothing was shown what worried Rebecca even more about Chris. Hoping to God that her husband finds the help their son needs. Keeping hold of her phone Rebecca decides to call her husband instead finding his name on the contact list. (Ahhh!) A loud scream coming from Lora came upstairs as soon Rebecca had her thumb on the call button. She stood up from the chair and ran to see why Lora had screamed dropping her phone in the progress while sprinting up the steps. (Lora) Rebecca called once upstairs seeing that James's door has opened she checked her back pocket to see if Lora somehow found a way to get them. But Rebecca had the keys in her hand but how Rebecca thought when walking towards James's open room. Rebecca screams in horror with her hands over her mouth when seeing the stiff body of Lora laying on the middle of the floor in James's room. Tears starts to sting Rebecca's eyes when kneeling down to her knees to turn her daughter face upwards. Lora's eyes where still open not breathing with a red Mark on her neck of a hand her seven year old daughter's neck have been broken after being strangled. Rebecca hands started to shake as was her lips tears started to flood down her cheeks after seeing the dead body of Lora. (James!) Rebecca called with a mix of anger and fear. (James where are you!) Rebecca stood back on her two feet looking around the bedroom for James but found no sight on him. Rebecca tried finding her phone hoping to call Chris but she checked every pocket and could not find it she only then remembers that she dropped it somewhere downstairs. A small breeze brushes her hair and she turns to see James's bedroom window have been opened. Rebecca walks towards it and looks out of the window to hopefully find James but saw nothing but their back garden and shed. When Rebecca was looking out of the window for her son she did not notice that James had creep back in his room and slowly approaches his mother. (Bye mother). Rebecca was about to turn when hearing her son's voice but arms grips her leg and she was pushed out from the window. She screamed when falling head first. Rebecca's skull was crushed by the devastating impact breaking her neck at the same time Rebecca's body landed awkward by being over the crooked neck. James looked down from his window seeing the strange angle his mother was in from the fall. James watched in amusement with a smile when his mother's body twitched before finally coming to a complete stop.

After a long visit to James's and Lora's teacher Miss Williams. The teacher hands Chris the same card from before. With a wave of thanks Chris walks back towards his car while looking at the card giving to him. Chris puts the card in his chest pocket and went for his phone to call his wife to see how James was doing before going to meet the doctor. Once finding his wife's name on the contact list Chris gives his wife a call. But after a dozen of calls it went to voice mail. (What the hell Rebecca) Chris said after hanging up and went for the call for the second time but again went to voice mail. Now getting worried after the third miss call Chris enters his car and drove home instead of meeting with the doctor.

Once home Chris gets out of his car and ran to the house without even locking the car's door. Even though he had the key to his house Chris knocks the door hoping that Rebecca or even Lora opens the door. But like his three miss calls no one came to answer the door. With a loud curse Chris gets the key to the house opens the door and enters his home.

Chris walks in the living room with panic taking over his entire body. (Rebecca, Lora!) Chris called. He spots his wife's phone on the floor before the first step of the stairs. (Please be okay) Chris thought and wanted to start his search from the upstairs ignoring his wife's phone on the floor but as soon his foot meets the first step he heard light footsteps coming from the kitchen and saw James walking out from it with a wide grin and seemed to be hiding something from behind his back. James was laughing while grinning but also had a mix of sobs like he was crying. (Welcome home father) James said keeping his grin. Chris takes a step back away from his son when it turned out that James was hiding a large kitchen knife behind his back. James remains completely still laughing with that wide grin while tears flooded down his cheeks. (James what are you doing) Chris asked keeping his fears hidden. (Listening to the voices father. You always told me to listen didn't you daddy). (Where is Rebecca and Lora. James where is your mother and sister). Chris makes a steady step forward while James said nothing but kept his wide smile looking more like a clown by the second. (Dead both dead. I snapped Lora's neck and pushed my mother of the window because the voice told me to ). James starts to laugh louder with more tears coming down on his cheek. Chris makes another step forward towards his son not allowing to get his emotions beat him not at the moment. hatred filled Chris Hart towards his son but he was still his son what should he do Chris takes his time to think when taking another step forward. (James listen to me. I can help you just drop the knife so we can talk) Chris takes another step closer towards his son. Just only a two or three steps left so Chris could reach his son and that kitchen knife. (Dad) James looks at his father losing his wide smile and looked more normal looking like a boy who won't hurt a single fly. (Son. I am here for you no matter what I found help for you. I can take you to him we will deal with this together). Chris makes another step only one step to go. James starts to shake and began to cry (dad am sorry. I did not mean to hurt anyone) James shouted more than talking and feel to his knees. His hands was on his head covering his ears like if trying to keep something out from his head and starts to sob. With his final step Chris had finally approached his son went down on his knees and confronted his son Chris puts his hands on James's shoulders the two looked at each other eye to eye before Chris embraces his son in a hug starting to cry with James. (Dad I am sorry it's the voices the voices). James cried holding tight to his father. (Its okay now son. I will help you till the vary end. You need help James with someone beside you). (Whats wrong with me) James asked. (Nothing son your just ill. And someone can help it I promise). Chris slowly gets up whips his tears away and helps James up back to his feet keeping his hands on his son's shoulders. James looks down to his feet fighting his sobs away. (Im sorry) James said in a near whisper but Chris was still able to hear his troubled son. (There is no need to say sorry anymore okay everything after now is going to be alright......). Chris stops mid sentence when a unexpected sharp pain came to his stomach. Confused by the shooting pain Chris looks down to see the knife his son James was holding had been pierced inside his gut with James holding the knife with that wide grin returning. Chris coughed painfully after being stabbed by his own son who kept it deep in his father's gut. James slowly removes the knife from his father while beginning to laugh. Blood poured down on the floor. Chris painfully stumbles backwards while holding onto his stab wound and fell backwards hitting the back of his head. James walks up to the wounded Chris with blood dripping from the knife. Chris only watched with wide eyes when his son sat on his stab wound making sure that his prey does not escape. James smile widened while Chris fights for air. James raised the bloody knife up with some blood already dripping on Chris's chest then with nothing but laughter James began to stab Chris everywhere he can find that does not have a hole yet. Again and again and again James continues to stab his father to death. Chris shirt was soaked in his own blood with deep holes everywhere in his body. His body twitched when the knife found a new spot in his body. Chris eyes rolled back to his head when James stabs him again for a dozen more times. James laughter finally came to a stop when he fell tied of stabbing his father and finally dropped the bloody knife from his bloody hands. James sat on his lifeless body of his father who was soaked in blood and laid in his own pool of blood. James was also covered in his father's blood James stands up from his lifeless body of his father with his grin getting wider than any before. James looked at his bloody hands with the Blood not being his own. James finds a spot to sit down a small corner and started to rock back and forth (The Voices.The voices. The Voices. The Voices. The Voices). James repeats those words over and over while rocking back and forth. His wide grin remained but new tears starts to fall on his cheek while repeating the same words. A shadowy ghost hand touched the hair of James while he started laugh vary loudly with tears in his eyes.


© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
The first story of my graphic novel horror collection scripts. Hope you all enjoy more will be on the way in the future. Also make sure you read my DARKVERSE series all being comic script series. Death Raised, Nightmare Killer, KnightsHood,

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Shifting tenses does not work, especially in the same sentence. Stick with past tense.

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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..


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