Presumption and Inference

Presumption and Inference

A Poem by Judy

Wake up each morning

with a smile on your face,

a clear head,

ready to conquer 

the world, climbing  mountains

that are as high

as Mount Everest, in quest

of   the panorama that is above,

maybe the deity that is concealed.  

Something to believe in,

to make life worth living, a purpose,

we all have one, if not numerous,

reasons to awaken from our slumber.  

It needs to be something 

greater than those hallucinations that I saw

when I was medically intoxicated,

with the improper compounds,

which caused my mind

to be delusional,

picturing visions that nobody else can.  

Is this what Moses saw,

when he allegedly ascended Mount Sinai,

in pursuit of God who would reveal the Ten Commandments,

to the Israelite people, the so-referred to as the Chosen People.  

We need to believe

this is something

so intangible, that we must accept

on face value, so private,

yet we look to others 

to experience for confirmation

of that which we do not want to trust our own instincts for. 

© 2013 Judy

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Motivations and existences - clearly subjects worthy of personal consideration and the afterwards expression of view. Seems our perceptions are just our mind coping with whatever reality it finds at any given time.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Wonderfully includes so many elements! Profoundly so. The inner search, the self's perspective, the need to clarify, the searching for external proof to marry with the mind's beliefs...and so forth...wanting more than illusion...I feel this piece...
Judy, this is sensational work :)
Happy New Year hon :) x

Posted 4 Years Ago

I think a lot of use have seen something of the divinity using improper compounds

Posted 4 Years Ago

Well i agree whole heartedly dear Judy.We should have conviction of our beliefs.Why do we look at others for them to confirm what we believe.I like this(:

Posted 4 Years Ago

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