Spring Girls

Spring Girls

A Poem by MsJewel

some friendships are forever




We were spring girls

preferring crystal blue skies and a warm breeze

ruffling light cotton dresses

in our bright daisy dreams


Dreams that have never really dimmed

and still echo giggles of

“he loves me, he loves me not”


Now shared on long distance phone lines

and holiday cards…

and in dog eared pictures

tucked neatly in a photo album


“Best Friends Forever”


And today,

as I watch the leaves fall like rain

and the clouds wrap around me,

I will shrug off their gray November coat

reminding myself

there will be no tears today


No...not today


Only bright skies and butterflies

and sweet smiling daisies

spread around to make the spring


and perhaps a game or two of he loves me, he loves me not

to skip and float

on the sweetness of the breeze


Almost as sweet as the memories etched upon my heart…


Reminding me

when love is strong

it never really fades

but continues to bloom

across the miles and over the years


And yes…while these blue eyes may be a bit misty

there won’t be any tears today


only daisies


and the remembered smiles

of three spring girls




(for Laurie and Kerry)

© 2013 MsJewel

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This one gives me goosebumps, Julie. I think you have posted it before. It is worth reading over and over again. The innocence of youthful friendships can last a lifetime and those who share your history are always close....even if geographically far away. Bittersweet loveliness and a tad of melancholy in this, but so very beautiful. Lydi**

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Yes, I wrote it last year. I always miss my friends (and family) this time of year. I hate to say th.. read more

4 Years Ago

My pleasure, Julie.....I know just how you feel about this time of year. I am not enamored with it .. read more


Ok this is now my official favorite of yours. I wish I'd read it six months ago....

Posted 3 Years Ago

This is remarkable writing on friendship, I really enjoyed reading this. I like how the picture tied into the poem so well.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I enjoyed the poem. It was filled with life and very entertaining. I like the way you create life and described the life of the three Spring girls. Thank you for sharing the excellent and beautiful poetry.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Thank you for your very kind comment.. :) Julie
Very beautiful indeed, Julie. Distance and time cannot weaken the strength of true friendship. You've gifted us once again with your genius. Very well done, my friend:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

A glowing testament to true friendship and how it can overcome the worst days while making the good ones better. Beautiful work :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

I am confused and perplexed, all my comments are missing.
So, here I am back again to leave a comment on this charming and delightful poem.
Ok, so I can't remember what I said last time, so I will just say: "I love this"


Posted 4 Years Ago

I like the different contrasts -- fall with spring and clouds wrapping around the writer and later skies, butterflies and flowers.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Thank you for your very kind comment :) Julie
This is beautiful, it reminds me of being 16 and going on random road trips at 2 am with friends that I still talk to today. I love the way you've incorporated the seasons passing into darker ones, much like the years pass and yet, the spring will come again, just as I know my friends will always be there no matter how much time or distance passes. Thank you very much for such a lovely write.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Thank you for the lovely comment. It is wonderful to have good friends. I always miss them this time.. read more
dear Julie... I remember those days... carefree
in ruffley cotton spring dresses... and sunny breezes.
It is beautiful that there are also breezes in
November and pansies are planted to peek through
the snow. The snow bird will whistle it's
favorite tune... dreaming of June. Lovely poetry.
truly... Pat

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Yes, those were the days Pat....Thank you for stopping by. It is always wonderful to see you. Hugs, .. read more

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The Beach, CA

I've been writing poetry for 15 years. My poetry isn't unique in any way, but it is written from the heart. I have trouble keeping up with everyone's poetry, so please send me rr's. I enjoy rec.. more..

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