Just be a broken chapter

Just be a broken chapter

A Story by prachi prangya agasti

It's 3 AM and am still hung up on your words


It’s 3 am and I am still hung up on your words.

“I always have loved the little crinkle on your nose.” You said about my photo in social media.

“How your eyes narrows down when anyone takes your picture without permission.”

I found myself typing a haste thank you when my heart is still gasping and all the words form a single sentence: You remember.

You are an expert in keeping the lines blurry at one time and forbidden at other. Every time I decide to take some time and numb the coldness upon my heart; I turn around and find you standing with the same baffled facade of wanting my heart more than enough.

Nothing makes me emptier than reminiscing about the decent conversations we have pretending there never has been a past so tangled between us.

I am trying hard not to let you have this moment to own the desperation, anticipations, fastening of heartbeat for your replies to my text. Every time I resolve to let the conversation be as a simple gesture of acquaintance it transforms to something more.

How can I be reasonable when at times you portray the familiarity with the ‘me’ I have lost in the maze of my anguish? It’s like breaking up all over again, a messier version. Of sometimes seeing the very emotion in you and other time blatant ignorance.

There is no ‘buts’ or ‘ifs’ or ‘when’ in love as it is said but I don’t know if our love exist without the existence of the very condition. I cannot decide whether to like you or not when you invade my pain and own it with a momentary sign of something which cannot be.

How can I like the feeling of hunger for your desire when all it reminds me of hundreds of days without you? But how could I slip into new season if I continue to weave the broken knots with a layer of friendship.

Remembering hurts too much but this dance we have of unknown pretenses and abused signs of togetherness and care hurts more. I cannot let you invade my thoughts quietly while I sit here and write poet-less words for you.

© 2017 prachi prangya agasti

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prachi prangya agasti
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Dear Prachi.
"I cannot let you invade my thoughts quietly while I sit here and write poet-less words for you. "
We try to do the above lines. The writer's heart hold tight to the good and the bad days. Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts and your words.

Posted 4 Months Ago

prachi prangya agasti

3 Months Ago

Thank you for your words
Coyote Poetry

3 Months Ago

I enjoyed your work and you are welcome.
Prachi, I could actually feel your sentiments you've so eloquently portrayed here.Sometimes we are lucky as person, but so unlucky and helpless when it comes to the special person pf our life. The mind knows that the soul is puzzled, and the heart hesitates.
But sooner or later it's better listening to that inner voice which repeatedly reels us of what exactly needs to be done.

Just because it started well, and it isn't in the midway, take time to sort that out, but then, the mere fact of that unpleasantness and negative vibes is an indication that it's not the same anymore.Energy never, never lies.Trust the vibes, and do what you actually think needs to be done...And do it without a second thought. Nobody said that anything and everything that started well, always has to end well.and then, who knows the ending may actually be the beginning of something more better, more happier, and more satisfying that that you've ever thought of, and that you actually deserve :)

Nobody as a human at-least needs to spend his/her life in hopelessness, disgust, regret etc. Not everyone fits in everyone's shoes sometimes, and that's okay :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

prachi prangya agasti

3 Months Ago

You are right. Thank you for your words. They are quite helpful. Thanks so much...

3 Months Ago

You're welcome, Prachi :)
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A writer I know well and admire, someone who likes to look at feelings and translate them into a fine text

Posted 1 Year Ago

prachi prangya agasti

1 Year Ago

Thanks so much...:-)
wonderful...keep it up prachi!

Posted 1 Year Ago

prachi prangya agasti

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much... :)
Wajiha Nayeem

1 Year Ago

pleasure dear one.

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prachi prangya agasti
prachi prangya agasti

bhubaneswar, chandrasekharpur, India

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