The Girl Who Tried to Outrun Ugly (II)

The Girl Who Tried to Outrun Ugly (II)

A Story by Junert

Second part.

"My, old gypsy! That was certainly rude."
"Manners have no place, for the smoke has spoken!" The gypsy laughed.
"Whatever do you mean?"
"You are with child!" The gypsy said. "Today is not fora day of grief, but great celebration. For all those things that you had, whether they were of splendor, or glory, or riches; none of them matter."
"...but how am I to sleep, or eat?" Divinity Mundane cried.
"Marry rich, my dear." The gypsy said. "You are spectacularly beautiful, even if you are some what dull, and unprepared. "Marry rich, and then deceive the man into believing that the child is his."
"To do such a thing, I would have to lay with him."
"You have done such already, why not at least make it worth your while?" The gypsy cackled, inhaling deeply into her pipe again.
The very next week, the beautiful Divinity Mundane was married to the well-to-do Prosper VanAssets. Theirs was a wedding celebrated by the entire world, and within two weeks of their honeymoon, Divinity Mundane unveiled her pregnancy to Prosper VanAssets, and deceived him as the gypsy had instructed her.
Time passed, and Divinity Mundane enjoyed her comforts, and new found wealth. Prosper VanAssets was a womanizer, but he was nice to her, and because she had wealth, and comfort, and stability, she pretended not to notice his infidelities, and he pretended not to practice infidelity.
Finally, after a long time, she delivered. Heartache swept allthe lands as the news spread that Divinity Mundane had died during childbirth.
The baby, a little girl, was named Nausea Mundane, for Prosper VanAssets refused to give her his namesake, as this little new born girl was the most ugly girl he had ever seen. She had all the features of a flawed future, and so she was given away to a convent, that the sisters of the convent might raise her to be beautiful on the inside.
Nausea Mundane spent the first ten years of her young life slaving away for the sisters of the convent, known as "The Sisters of the Convent". She cleaned stone until it shone, and swept dirt from the earth until it became stone. Of all of the marvelous talents one could have in the world, Nausea Mundane was blessed with the ability to make common things extraordinary, and the ugly, beautiful.
Sadly, there was nothing more in the world that Nausea Mundane wanted, than to be beautiful. She had heard tales of her mother, for whose name she held, the most beautiful maiden the world had ever known. She longed to be as beautiful, but no matter how much she washed her face; no matter how much she scrubbed, she could not wipe the ugly away.
Wherever she went, children who saw her face wept, and mothers lamented. Men of conquest became courtesans to other men, rather than believe that she was a girl. Indeed, such a misplaced curse made her feel very isolated.
Very alone.
One day, while weeping in the convent, and washing the now pure golden floor with her mystical tears, a gypsy passing outside heard her crying.
"Ho! Ho, in there!" The old gypsy called out. "Who cries?"
Nausea Mundane appeared between the golden pillars of the convent, weeping uncontrollably. ­ "It is I, Nausea Mundane."
The gypsy took one look at her, and frowned. "Truly you are named for what you are."
The girl, Nausea Mundane, wept harder.
"Ahhh, yes... weep. Weep for what you cannot control... or can you?"
"...but... but how?" Nausea sniffed, wiping away her tears with a dirty sleeve. The sleeve was cleaned, instantly.
"For all your talents, and all your mysteries, ugly little girl, I will grant you a wish."
"What... what do you mean?" Nausea Mundane said.
The gypsy smiled a gnarled, toothless smile. "What if I could make all your dreams come true, and all you had to do was make a simple wish?"
Nausea smiled. "Could this be done? This is not a cruel joke?"
"It is no joke." The gypsy said. "For all that you possess inside of you, I will grant you your wish, to be beautiful. With the prick of a pin, and the pressure of your maiden finger, I shall make you beautiful."
"Very well!" Nausea Mundane cried gleefully. "I shall do it!"
So, the gypsy produced a needle from her many layers of clothes, and pricked it into Nausea Mundane's maiden finger. When a full bead of blood formed on her maiden finger, she pressed it to a fragment of cloth provided by the gypsy.
"It is done!" The gypsy shouted joyfully. A great, bright light shone from the heavens, down onto them. Nausea Mundane reveled in its warmth, and felt it sweep over her. When it was done, she smiled broadly and looked to the gypsy.
"I am beautiful!"
"Not yet." The gypsy said sadly. "It has come to my attention that you must perform but one more task... a task of a great undergoing."
"Gypsy deceiver!"
"My prospective beauty, I never lie!" The gypsy said, smiling a mouth of perfectly re-grown teeth. "You must perform the final task, or you shall never be beautiful."
"What task!" Nausea Mundane cried out. "What task!"
"You must outrun Ugly."
"Nonsense!" Nausea Mundane cried.

© 2013 Junert

Author's Note

Did I mention I didn't write this?

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I like it. The play on characters and words make this a good read.

Posted 4 Years Ago

The story is engaging, I love it. Great character and dynamic story progression. Thanks for sharing Junert :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Yes you did. Its interesting if a little crude!

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


4 Years Ago

Lol. Yeah it is. Copied from a site more for fun than quality, not that does writers don't write wel.. read more

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