Interrupted Buddha

Interrupted Buddha

A Poem by KWP

You call yourself a saviour?

You waltz your well-eaten belly 

from nation to nation 


‘All will be saved,


all will be lost 

do as I do.’

You claim yourself to be a prophet?

Delivering rules and regulations

for one to stay your ‘versionized’ kind of pure. 

Whose rules? Whose regulations?

You call yourself a truth sayer, 

you say you have messages delivered personally

the big man himself. 

I call codswallop!

I say this by the sweat of my male escorts crotch 

after a night filled with 

acts that would make your draw scrape along the 

gutters collecting cockroaches. 

(much more relaxed now.)

One cannot offer out lashings of atonement 

for the cost of three Hail Mary’s, 

or nightly arvith’s

or daily recitals of Bismillahi wa barakatillah. 

As the universe now rushes into me,

I spew forth your only rule… 

It is your turn to listen.

See that Bhodi Tree over there, 

Yes, yes that one. 

Go, sit under it.

Close your eyes, 

look within. 

Don’t come back until your mind 

is able to reach the inner, outers, and ends

of all we know. 

Then you shall understand atonement.

© 2017 KWP

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As always, I'm confused lol

This feels like you're telling Jesus to go sit under the Bodhi Tree

Cuz Jesus was more about saving, rules, regulations and god (I don't even think Buddhism has a "god")

But Jesus typically doesn't have a belly to rub for good luck.

However, Buddhism def preaches temperance and asserts that all suffering begins with desire, like desiring a male escort ;)

I like how it ends. It transitions from condemnation to cosmic contemplation.


Posted 12 Months Ago

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12 Months Ago

hey thanks - and in Zen all is fine - even male escorts - the big belly was more of a point the fing.. read more
Jesus lives where the money is.

It's obviously not correlated with anything, unsavory.


That s**t is totally clean holmes.

Posted 12 Months Ago

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Very strong message and hopefully they will understand. But the point is will they understand? Anyway, I liked the way you expressed your thoughts without any pretension. Cheers!

Posted 12 Months Ago

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12 Months Ago

you know that saying 'the teacher will appear when the student is ready' yeah ... people interpret t.. read more
Gloriously written, wonderful language, flowing but at times pausing to allow a glimmer or more of 'I wonder... do I?' And that's my immediate reaction.. the work, the thought involved rather than the theme. Your writing so often inspires thought, and, this certainly will. If I say too much, if I waffle on etc. please, forgive me.

Right, now for the content: faith, religion can be- for many ignoble OR noble, overly much or underwhelming - as you say 'codswallop'. it's phrased in weird language - 'cant', aged and awkward to and for many. Proof is doubtful, suspicion is multiple, etc.

However, many need faith as a moral guide and inspiration, birthed from here, there, everywhere. Whichever should be uniquely kind, gentle and just. Should never crucify or condemn them. Punishment and atonement are indelicate elements mind from heart.. in extreme cases can be dictatorial. Discussion, mediation, meditation are wiser than anything. For me, tis not the parroted, mind-bending regulations or commandments but the decanted faith within. Religion can be seen as a controller, BUT faith is what is ultimately found and certainly makes me, me - right or wrong, Lord willing, the former. Perhaps.

Posted 12 Months Ago

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12 Months Ago

Hello you, I was thinking of you today, just not long ago actually, hope your well.

.. read more
funny how different groups of people worship different gods,is there only one ! does any body really know,,but you1re right,get your mind straight before invoking your opinion about religon

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

thanks you - does anybody really know - well that's the question. Cheers you xxxx
stinging rebuttal to spiritual hypocrisy ..[ "... by the sweat of my male escorts crotch" :) ]
so happy you felt more relaxed ma'am ;) better out than in as my friend and prophetic Shrek has said .. i think it was Buddha that said he is a teacher only and himself has taken only 2 steps in 2000 in his "present" lifetime ... not knowing how many previous he thought he had still is significant .. so glad you point us to "sitting" in closing ... i think the searching within and without will yield the same wisdom for those who really search ... i am too old and content for such endeavors so will take your siting advice and let it go at that :)))) sure happy i did not miss this one KW ...
ps three more days until class!!! :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

hahaha funny you are E ... hope this poem doesn't offend anyone - religion, crotches and relaxtion (.. read more
Einstein Noodle

1 Year Ago

ME!??? your the cook and cookie around here ... but for you ..anything ... picnic for lunch ...first.. read more
i like both the figurative and literal here....
yes, there are gods, and buddahs and those who think they are saviours.....but many just preach the word....and invest so much ego in themselves that they need more atonement, then the sinners.

they need to sit by that tree but also look into the mirror...and ponder what they really see.
love this one....speaks to me on many levels.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

cheers Jacob :D I appreciate the visit and thoughts - OMMMMMM!

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