A Poem by Kelly Alyce

This rap/poem is about relationships that we have with each other as people and as a world together. We truly need to band together as one people and stop dividing ourselves based on labels.


First off you want commitment but fail to see things different.
Only see things your way and put others to shame.
Constant manipulation to make you feel love, got high off the buzz.
Then when reality hit, shows up you're just another counterfeit.
Buzzing up someone's phone when you in ya zone.
Focused on a stack but who really got ya back 
Can't see who's truly there; lost in ya ways they dissipate in the air.
Looking for someone to care, hurt to the core with no one to compare.

All day on a quest to freedom, see everyone around you succeeding.
In a cycle of bad luck but for what reason?
Focused on your wants instead of your needs and started feenin'
Often wondering why you stopped believing...

Passion drove the action to make life happen.

Lost and without hope so you began packin' and strappin'. �"
Knowin' they praying for ya downfall, waitin' for a reaction...
Struggled to make ends meet, always gotta compete.
No longer tryna life in defeat, making your life complete.
Revolution in the process, got determination and motivation poppin'.
Wanting the best, no givin in to the false doctrines.
Pledge no allegiance to the man, others see you as belligerent.
A slave to time and pride, consumed by that tunnel vision.
Restoring our identity and wealth should be our mission.


© 2017 Kelly Alyce

Author's Note

Kelly Alyce
Ignore grammar problems and slang

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Added on November 10, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017


Kelly Alyce
Kelly Alyce

Overland Park, KS

I've always loved writing and I express my feelings in lyrics.Feel free to leave feedback more..