Being Non Addict Is the Real Fun

Being Non Addict Is the Real Fun

A Story by Who This

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Being non Addict is the real fun


“Try it machang! Best feeling ever!” the voice of his best friend echoes in his head. Those were words uttered a year ago, he did ‘try it’ and today he lies fallen on the side of the pavement struggling for breath. What started as a cigarette lead to marijuana then cocaine and heroin and then to god knows what! Upali stares blankly at the sky lying on the side of the pavement unable to move. It was amazing how a few moments ago the cocaine in his body made his world comparable to heaven on earth and now with the drugs effect wearing off his heart beats fast with pain, his lungs seem to collapse and his mind lies in torment.

Upali didn’t always spend his Monday morning lying on the pavement, two years ago before making the decision to put the cigarette in his mouth; he had the definition of a perfect schoolboy life. He had great friends, top grades, and he was in the school football team, a celebrated debater and had a loving family. Today he has none of this and his drug worn failing heart harbors only grief and regret.

 Many people claim that being high is the best feeling ever! That it is the real fun. But in truth drugs bring only sadness it ruins the life of the user, it tears apart his family, it drains the wallet and leaves the mind irreparable. There has never been a case where drug use was fruitful for the user and in reality there never will be. Why do people seek refuge in drugs? Boredom, stress, eases suffering, to fit in, to rebel, for fun. These are some of the reasons people seek comfort in drugs-In false and short term happiness. A world renowned illusionist and magician once said “the greatest illusion in the world is the fun that we think we get from taking drugs!”

We must all understand whilst life is full of disappointment and despair and drugs seem to be the best escape �" it is not! Life is like a piano the white keys are the joys of life and the black keys are the grief. We need both keys to make music and enjoy our life and have fun. With that I will end with a great philosophy for our lives “Being non-addict is the real fun”


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Added on October 21, 2015
Last Updated on October 21, 2015


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A Story by Who This