A Poem by Onyx Sky

Free Style/ spoken word





I’ve been suffering from a dissolution lately

One that’s been gnawing at me

I was that young girl playing Pretty Pretty Princess

Watching Blues Clues

Sailor Moon,

Eating from her easy bake oven

That I never got till 14


That young girl grew up

She replaced Apple juice with Booze

B/c she didn’t understand how life

That she once saw as innocent

Could turn so masochistic


Now she is locked in her mind

B/t the little girl she once was

On that tire swing Swinging her troubles away

Now she is dealing with rape, abuse… That Reality

That decay… she realizes doesn’t go away


She tries to separate the men from the boys

Cause she’s tired of being seen as a playmate toy

But the boys take advantage

The men’s fragrance

Is so distant

She is at a disadvantage

Dancing on that pulpit

That she once thought made her so high


Thought she could touch the sky

She fell down

Shattered like that mirror

Way down

Kissed that ground

A fallen angel

Death become of her


She’s used to being treated like s**t

Cause her Daddy accustomed her to it

Or he just didn’t have the time to stay

Or the heart to say

He loved her and Deserved The Better

Every Day


And so he flew in and out

In and out

Of her life

And with her body she did pay

Stuck in this Powerlessness

Feelings of Defenselessness

B/cause she is constantly feeling worthless

And the Boys pray on her weakness



With constant withdrawal

Not realizing her fathers absence

Accounts for her self conscious

Picking up guys the Age of her father

Age that her father

Should have Acted

Looking for a figure

That she never had


Cause when he decided to bust a nut

In a strippers c**t

The night he got inebriated

This cycles on repeat

Constant is defeat

Cause you feel like you can’t beat

This cycle


This cycle gone wrong

This cycle like a played out song

Stuck in your head

Make you wish you were dead

Cause you can’t stop it

Might as well join it


This is life

Took my innocence

No more benevolence

B/cause these boys turn to men

Scratch that

These boys body’s turn to men


But there dicks grew faster than their mind

But their intelligence was lackin with time

They can’t support child support

Let alone a dime


These Men who F**k up

Get Fucked Up

F**k peoples life’s up

Why the F**k?

Am I calling these boys men?


Don’t even know the definition

Probably can’t f*****g spell it

B/cause they to busy getting woman pregnant

To learn s**t

© 2009 Onyx Sky

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What a powerful poem. straight through the heart. Like we got to bark up this tree that life is, gives us what it gives us, (or can we just take it back.

sincere poem and the narrative is so gripping that it was like listening to a story. I think of Sylvia Plath's poem "Daddy" have you read that?

Posted 9 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 9, 2009
Last Updated on April 9, 2009
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