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I watched her watching him, and I hated the way her eyes danced behind thick dark lashes while she gazed. She stared intently as his hands glided between the white and black keys sing-songing a melody that only celestial beings could comprehend.
          When I look at this woman I don’t even realize my heart has opened wider than the distance between the sun and moon, and I am envisioning her inviting herself in. My senses become extremely aroused and I notice the beauty mark beneath her chin and on her left temple. I listen to the sound her blinks make when we are deeply conversing. I memorized the cadences of her speech and the way her eyes sprinkle sheds of light when something catches her interest.
          Today, it is the keys that have stolen her thoughts away, and I feel as if I can see deep into her soul. I know that the way she glances at him is deeper than the surface because she takes everything deeper than the surface. She is envisioning she is the keys.
          And he knows just the way to glide up and down and through her making her body sashay to a rhythm only they can comprehend. He knows just where to press and just where to stress all the right notes to where her body is no longer a body, but the melody, the ocean itself, creating something so beautiful and exotic, artfully erotic. She might as well have been laying there naked before him because I feel as if I have intruded into something only meant for the privileged.
          I feel as if I can catch small glimpses of her rhythm. Taste small remnants of her soul but what really has got me shook is I don’t really understand her at all. Don’t really know her at all. The physical is easy to remember through sheer memorization but what awakens her soul from reading that poem by Toi Derricotte I do not know.
          I guess what I’m really saying am I wanted to understand her and this I know is love. However unrequited it may be. And it isn’t even about whether I understand her in this lifetime. The key is wanting to period. Just the very idea of wanting to understand someone is love because no matter how long it takes; no matter if it’s harder than Calculus or Anatomy and Physiology you are saying you willing no matter how long it takes to learn them.
          Finally, the guy on the piano stops playing and I think I know just what I need to do to get her attention. I make up in my mind right there to understand these mysterious black and white keys. I want to understand them because they are the keys to understanding her. However else can I get so intimately close?
          Presently, I know that it is going to be a tedious task. Her mind is made up and she is stubborn. Walking away I realize that I may never understand her, and she may never want to understand me. But I am content with knowing that I have caught a small glimpse into learning her, and even if she doesn’t learn me back. I know she is worth learning because she will have taught me many things for later.

© 2009 Onyx Sky

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Added on September 23, 2009


Onyx Sky
Onyx Sky

Raeford, NC

�I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy.. more..

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