How To Care For The Depression Beast

How To Care For The Depression Beast

A Poem by Karen Redburn

Not really poetry, have no idea where this belongs. Thoughts, comments and feedback welcome and appreciated.


Feed the beast a healthy diet of only love. No negative junk food thoughts before or after midnight, otherwise it may rise up and take on a will of its own and escape the mind by burning an anxious hole through the stomach. If it gets out, soothe with focused meditation. A gentle bike ride, walk or jog through a sunny park should help get the beast back in its liar. If it's holding you hostage take a small step toward it, a shower, some cleaning or laundry can send it a step backwards.

Feed it balanced nutritious meals and make sure it gets a good nights sleep. Help it to reach out to a friend or two or walk it on a leash to the nearest support group, in person or online. Sit and talk with others offering and receiving support. Pick a piece of garbage off the ground and deposit it in a can or help a neighbour shovel the driveway.

Write about the beast, get to know it well for familiarity will take some of its power away.

Sometimes depression may overtake, but ultimately a reboot can give us the upper hand. And remember if the beast is too big to handle alone seek medical attention.

© 2018 Karen Redburn

Author's Note

Karen Redburn
Comments and feedback welcome and appreciated.

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Good Karen. Yes, all your suggestions will help keep the beast at bay. I guess if you are in the tight grip of depression then motivation to wrest yourself free is difficult. Your final piece of advice is correct.
I don't think your need to worry what style your writing is if you have a message to share.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Karen Redburn

1 Week Ago

Thank you, it was a difficult but simple write up. Not sure if that makes sense. But I wanted to con.. read more

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Added on February 9, 2018
Last Updated on February 9, 2018
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