The Ocean & The Puddle

The Ocean & The Puddle

A Poem by Wallflower

The Ocean fell in love with a Puddle; Stupid ocean, even stupider puddle.


An ocean fell in love with a puddle.


Feeling its flow as if it were her own

She gazed into its murky mirror,

Shallow and filthy,

And all she saw was water.


She knew the puddle was weathered,

Stomped upon and splashed about,

Perfectly positioned for pollution.

She knew sometimes the puddle

Would purposely soak a passerby

And huddle in corners waiting

To trip them up or bring them down.


If you think you are a puddle,

Then that’s what you will do.


 And all she saw was water.


She wanted the puddle to understand

You are not all these things,

All that matters is you are water,

We all ride different waves.


If she could just catch a ride

Up to the sky

Then she could sit amongst the clouds

And ask them to gently drop her,

One by one,

          Into this puddle.

Then he will see, when he feels me,

That we are both water.


She could bring him back,

Drop by drop,

To her waters,

              deep and calm,

And surround him with a current

That would feel to him like home.

And this feeling in him, as it did in her,

Would grow,

                And grow,

                                And grow.

It would have been a tsunami,

But they never made it home.


She set out on her journey

But when she arrived,

The puddle, he would not leave.

The ocean had faith in the puddle,

But the puddle did not believe.

The ocean tried to fill the puddle

More and more each day,

Until she could give no more of herself,

Only a few drops of the ocean stayed

Just in case,

one day,

 he needed help finding his way.


The rest of her returned

A little murky,

A little grey,

For she took some of him with her too,

Took the tainted, the decay,

It killed some life inside of her,

But on rainy days,

She still hopes to feel him fall into her

From the sky.

Just a few drops

And she’d know

He was lifted.  

            He is water.

        He will flow.  

© 2013 Wallflower

Author's Note

water represents love.

You can't love a soul out of darkness if they don't love themselves.
The sacrifice for trying is that sometimes they darken yours.

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Love knows no boundary, like water it seeps it's way through and into the smallest of spaces.

'And all she was was water.' Would that the whole world could think in such a way.

Stunning poem from first line to last.


Posted 3 Years Ago

this is about the long learning that we call a life...hello dear girl thing

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

So nice to hear from you, Ed. Hope life is treating you kindly.
I like the poem and the message here...Thank you for sharing...:)..................

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

thank you for reading, friend. appreciate your notice.
Sami Khalil

4 Years Ago

You are welcome...:)...........................

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