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A Poem by Wallflower

sometimes i watch the social world like its national geographic.


Fourth quarter, fourth down

Catch the ball, touch the ground

Stadium screams, all around

Fans at peak, coaches frown

Make the play, win the game

Sport your color, wear their name

Share the win, share the fame

The good all American football game.

Buy the tickets, watch them go

Don’t go out and play your own

Sunday nights, forget Monday groans

Jersey fights, ties stay at home

Distract the middleclass

Suburban drones,

Unmanned bodies we call condone.

And when football’s over,

Lo and behold

Hockey season will unfold.

Their competition never grows old,

Our egos stay content, composed.


5oclock, on the dot

Ask your buddy, save my spot

Crawl out your hole, a filthy mole

Ask your dealer for a spot,

Enough for a 5-piece is all you got.

Get turned down, turn around

Rob the first man you get on the ground

Take his cash, buy your stash

Get doped up with the alley cats.

Chasing highs never grows old

Keeps the frost from feeling cold,

Keeps the man from getting clean

Keep the poor from chasing dreams

The ego of a homeless fiend

Cannot compete with greed or green.


We’re all distracted by the  bourgeoisie.  





© 2011 Wallflower

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Their competition never grows old,
Our egos stay content, composed..

That line captured my attention more than any other line because it is so true and so cleverly said.We do find ways and means for ego contentment all the time.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I know a quieter place , come sit with me by the lake , we can watch the moon .

Posted 6 Years Ago

Oh. This piece slashes with vicious elegance. All our shiny distractions, numbing us to any flash of reality, turning us into sheep. Where more people know who the last starlet divorced than they do where the last "un-war" was fought.

Marx called religion the opiate of the masses, but it seems that narcotic has been replaced, and we smilingly, meekly choose it.

Brilliant and devastating. Wow.

Posted 6 Years Ago

it will be easier on you if you see clearly that the 'distractions' are focal points for styles and degrees of consciousness that are in no way to be despised or judged...if you find yourself in an elevated posture, rather be grateful, and go about the business of serving the children...i speak like this to you because you have ears to hear

Posted 6 Years Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on December 20, 2011
Last Updated on December 20, 2011



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