For Love and Love Alone

For Love and Love Alone

A Poem by K MacLugh

My faith struggles through grief, loss, love, and loss again. He understands. In some unpercieved way, He draws me, my Lover, my Husband, my Friend.

I have taken a Lover.
With what tender passion He has wooed me!
What faithfulness, as no man could give.
His goodness pursued me in all the stony paths I chose,
never weary of watching over me, though I was ungrateful.

I have taken a Lover; He knows me completely.
That knowledge shakes me.
His look melts me, so that I cannot look away.
His arms welcome me as I awake,
His mouth warm, His smile endearing.

My Lover is strong, infinitely tender.
His words are weighty, words of Life,
yet with intimate sweetness of lovers.
His heart is always turned to me,
His thoughts of me holding me securely.

In His strength and passion, He could have
embraced me against my will, invaded my privacy.
He could have forced His way into all my shadows,
shined a searing spotlight on all the pain
and brokenness that I tried so hard to hide.

He would not take what was not offered,
or crash through doors I have held closed to all.
His sweet voice called. How He ached for me.
Fear pressed hard against me. I heard His voice, like a whisper.
Faintly I heard His song.

How I longed to respond! He knew.
I felt His tears of longing fall on me, and
I wept, yielding to Him, melting into His embrace.
Trembling, I gave him the key to my bruised heart,
risking my store of brokenness, confusion and disappointment.

I have taken a Lover.
He carefully smooths a path for me, safe and wide.
He heals me, comforts me, strengthens me, provides for me.
But my love was won by something so much more than these;
He has truly loved me.

It was His love that melted my defenses.
Love removed the barricades, overcame my panic,
unlocked my secret cache of tears and fears.
His love reached deep unspoken yearnings, set them free.
I gave myself to Him for love and love alone.

© 2017 K MacLugh

Author's Note

K MacLugh
Please feel free to critique.

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Added on August 23, 2017
Last Updated on August 30, 2017
Tags: Love, passion, relationship, loved, God


K MacLugh
K MacLugh

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