Black-Eyed Susans in the Center of Conch Shells

Black-Eyed Susans in the Center of Conch Shells

A Poem by A Glow in the Pit of My Soul

The buds that might have been - 
that attempted to open their petals and 
welcome the warm sun, 
- to blossom and flourish - 
have shriveled and withered 
down to only empty shells

so fragile, 
that a gust of wind could pick them up 
and whisk them off. 

Crisp paper-thin skin, 
scratching along the ground, 
crumbling away with every bump;

Life, sucked dry.

Along the journey of destruction, 

a seed was planted in a cold and lonely spot, 

with barely enough to thrive. 

The odds were against its’ life, 

with but a shred of hope. 

A struggle against the elements was ahead; 

a wearing, discouraging fight. 

No warmth, no light,

 just dark, wet pavement and steel. 

Screeching metal, and glaring glowing eyes

 from shadows nearby.


life blossomed deep inside, 

and the skin of the seed thickened, 

bit by bit. 

Each heavy tread upon its’ back, 

each bruise 

building up a shield 

of scar and tissue. 

Tears that fell 

somehow provided nourishment, 

and the roots set themselves deep through flesh 

and dug for soil. 

Each night, the clouds cleared a little more, 

revealing pinpoints of bright white stars.

 Oh, how they shined, 

as if calling out in a voice no one could hear. 

But, the seed knew.

And one night,

after a particularly hard trampling, 

there was a shade of violet in the blue-black sky, 

fading into reds, rusty orange and pastel blues. 

Stars shined so blindingly bright,

they formed a single giant orb in the sky, 

whiting out the surrounding concrete. 

And as the light dimmed, 

and silhouettes came slowly into focus, 

there was no more cement and prison bars,

 only soft green fields 

and rolling rivers. 

Tiny green sprouts 

shooting through folds of skin, 

precious leaves unfurling, 

curling around bones and joints. 

Brilliant flora 

bursting through eye sockets.

You are beautiful in your struggle, and long overdue for peace.

© 2015 A Glow in the Pit of My Soul

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Author's Note

A Glow in the Pit of My Soul
for my mother ||| dual poem with Black Holes in the Center of Conch Shells

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As always Beautifully written. I love the structure of your poem it's like eye candy to my eyes and the vivid descriptions that represent your mother and her struggles. it's awe-inspiring and heart wrenching, it makes me miss my own mom. "You are beautiful in your struggle, and long overdue for peace." I just love this. You have a beautiful mind, Glow.

Posted 3 Years Ago

A Glow in the Pit of My Soul

3 Years Ago

Thank you thank you, the last line always makes me tear up when I read it. All I want for my mom is .. read more

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Added on January 24, 2015
Last Updated on January 24, 2015


A Glow in the Pit of My Soul
A Glow in the Pit of My Soul


My Legs Can Barely Hold All My Heart & Soul. Live Tall, Live Loud, Live Wide. I was born an old soul with a fresh face, and a knack for taking whatever is in front of me and creating a mast.. more..