Who will take the blame?

Who will take the blame?

A Poem by Kay Salisu Titilola

Everyone seems to be always right.

When things goes wrong,
and make the life so difficult,
when life turns around,
and earth seems to be rotating backward.
Bringing Hell to everyone,
and making life so ridiculous.
A thought always come to my mind,
that who are the cause of all this fault.

People argue over and over.
On who to put the blame on.
No one want to have the load upon their shoulder,
for they believe they did nothing wrong.
making the issue stronger and broader,
given it a freedom world.
With its pioneer over the border.
With no specific identification.

Crime and corruption are everywhere,
like the free birds flying in the air.
Neither control nor rule were made over them,
for they've took control over earth.

Everything suddenly changed,
and the memory of the past fade away.
The godly world went astray,
and the godless one took it's place.
Hit the earth rewind,
you'll see how much the world has failed,
to bring the goodness out,
and made the world to joyous place.

Parents were blamed for children's offence.
National crime were placed on mr president.
Those people we accused accuses us.
Making the earth an house of confusion.

When the origin is unknown,
the end can never be located.
When a pin drop into a shallow,
to find it would be a problem.
Ruin is just like a sparrow,
which is faster than expected.
To stop a plan from being fulfilled,
you have to found the master men.

© 2016 Kay Salisu Titilola

Author's Note

Kay Salisu Titilola
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"Crime and corruption are everywhere, like the free birds flying in the air"... You got that right buddy! And theirs always someone to blame, but no one wants to be accountable.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Kay Salisu Titilola

1 Year Ago

thank you brother.

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1 Review
Added on February 4, 2016
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Kay Salisu Titilola
Kay Salisu Titilola

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