Under the influence

Under the influence

A Poem by Khalab Darnell

Some of my Best friendships started with a blunt~(unknown)

Sitting on cloud 9 looking at different nations,

Sipping on fine wine with no hesitation,
Singing, Screaming B***h don't kill my vibe,
Not to be known because of my affiliation.

But no need for fabrication,
Because I rock the nations,
New strains popping up everyday,
Yea you can thank Jamaicans.

 Bomb hay with THC brings me the best sensation,
No hope at narration,
Because every line I read seems to be so damn funny,
Keep a zip with me, never low with my money,
Cause when smoking on the kush i don't feel so lonely,
So on a good night I smoke a few with my homies.

My brain transforms,
It recreates.
Telling too break the mental barrier gates,
Simply put: No one will carry me,
So with sincerity,
If you ain't paying you ain't toking,
For $5 you'll be smoking,
Purp so good we always choking,
Buddy you know that it keeps you floating.

So I light one up for the smoking type,
My friends who sit and get high too help them laugh at life,
Its your night so get blowed,
Like Wiz Khalifa say yea homie I stay throwed.

So light it up,
And pass it round,
I do this one for my team,
You know my city, my town,
So we roll it up like some credits though,
In the room like Cheech and Chong,
Choking on heavy smoke.

I know you felling good,
Well so am I,
Chill for a minute,
Lets take a ride,
On what we smokers like to call the tokers drive,
No influential highes,
Its about your mind state.
You can even roll for the holidays,
Haha I'm talking weed cakes.

And for you amateurs, a gram should do,
And if you're lucky I might stop by and smoke a few.   

© 2013 Khalab Darnell

Author's Note

Khalab Darnell
Just feeling a little creative :)

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Added on May 7, 2013
Last Updated on May 9, 2013
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Khalab Darnell
Khalab Darnell

pensacola, FL

Not much of a writer anymore, but i'll try to get back in the swing of things. more..