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Tales from the projects

Tales from the projects

A Story by Khalab Darnell

Its been a while ;)

Sleeping a lonely night so peaceful in slumber, hear three shots(bang bang bang) please keep for the moment of silence in order. Not to mention the stray bullet that plugged ya homies daughter, or SUV surrendered to martyrs; Begging the Lord to bring peace to a war we started. But so often we pass the blame, doing just anything  for crowd to call ya name. From slavery to buying our own damn chains, Screaming for equal rights but the work ethic has changed. For years i disowned my name; Dread was just a persona, Khalab has shattered the frame. It was a long and whining road when we took the first step, who knew that the first would be the last. Expiration written on the glass, one wrong move and that could be ya a*s; the more fear i see from my past. Who are we to fray the future, when where we come from most people never knew for sure. Surviving day to day, paycheck to paycheck, lil sista steady crying, mama looking so lost, she don't know what to do next. (But its only a test.) These word flow so complex, never ever called the best, Tales from the projects wonder what happens next??

© 2014 Khalab Darnell

Author's Note

Khalab Darnell
only a select few will grasp the concept of this project, and those of you who do, will come to understand the Man that is Khalab Goldsmith a little better.

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Added on July 2, 2014
Last Updated on July 2, 2014


Khalab Darnell
Khalab Darnell

pensacola, FL

Not much of a writer anymore, but i'll try to get back in the swing of things. more..