Kevin Magazine Interview

Kevin Magazine Interview

A Story by Kevin Dean

Here is my full interview. Hope you guys get something out of it.


Aaron: Hi Kevin. So tell us a little bit about you as a writer. Do you consider yourself good, great or average?


Kevin: First of all Hi. I have been writing since I was about 6 years old and I’m 23 now so quite sometime. I guess I consider whatever people want to consider me as. I’ve been told I’m really good and I’ve also had scripts and material that have pushed people’s buttons too so.


A: Your style of writing is quite interesting tell us who your greatest influences are.


K: Well first and foremost in any medium my biggest influence is Vanessa Hudgens she just inspires me all over. My writing and directing influences are Zack Snyder, Frank Miller, Guy Roche, Robert Rodreguez and Len Wisemen. So I try to keep a little of all of these special people in my work.


A: Now a little off book. You have a Vanessa Hudgens tattoo. Why?


K: I do and it’ s for a very personal reason so at the risk of not sounding crazy I’ll just say it’s because she is super important to me.


A: What will your wife think?


K: Nothing. She’ll have to accept it.


A: Have you ever regretted writing anything?


K: Yes. A total romantic project called Living In Denial which I made into a short film but I feel that it was one of those test the water type things and I didn’t like it. It just wasn’t me.


A: You tend to throw an odd flatulence joke into some of your work? Humour or bad taste?


K: Well if I thought it was bad taste I wouldn’t write it in so humour.


A: Can you elaborate?


K: Sure. I just think a good classic fart joke is funny and it’s even cuter and funnier if it’ s a girl character. Also I think it helps to make characters real and human I mean that’s what writing is about. Creating human characters and giving them a complex to deal with.


A: Good answer. Now Wormward how did that idea come about? And did you enjoy writing it?


K: Yes I loved Wormward. I love all my characters I feel like a proud father. The idea actually comes from the title of a novel called Wildthorn. I read the back cover and it was about a girl dealing with being in a mental asylum and I thought I haven’t written an asylum movie yet and bingo Wormward was born.


A: 0nce again all your lead characters are female. What’s that all about?


K: I love woman man what else can I say. No the real reason is I just feel I connect better with girls than I do guys and I have a lot more respect for the female gender. I tend to sympathise more with the female persona.


A: Can you tell me about OZ: Witches rising?


K: Yeah OZ is my new trilogy of books that are actually being professionally published and sold in stores so. I’m pretty happy about that. It’s pretty much wizard of oz meets sucker punch. Lots of fun dark stuff going on.


A: Any spoilers?


K: There’s a hydra that comes into play at one stage.


A: Final question. What is next for you?


K: I have plans for a Wormward sequel and a new script called Steampunk Molly. 

© 2014 Kevin Dean

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Added on January 24, 2014
Last Updated on January 24, 2014
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Kevin Dean
Kevin Dean

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

At only 24 years old Kevin has already got four Self-Published Novels in the world wide market. Writing since the age of six has kept him busy for more than twenty years. His signature style is a comb.. more..

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