Lost Like Tears In Rain

Lost Like Tears In Rain

A Story by Kevin Dean

A teen boy vents his feeling on modern society and it's sins.

The world we live in, This world, My world, Your world. It's lost. Eaten up by the wretched souls in society these days. Those hicks, Those no good b******s spreading the message of hate through every medium they have access to. Music was once a creative life source for all of us and we were free to indulge in whatever styles we chose but now it's a crime to be apart of any genre other than the commercially successful ones. Nobody even cares about the music that comes from the heart, The music that really counts and showcases the talent of using instruments the way they should be used. Everything's Rap this or Techno that IT MAKES ME SICK! No wonder I come home from school and sit in my room all day cursing all that happens in a world where nobody cares. I'm not that old but even I remember the days where you could actually get through a news program on TV without hearing about a drive by shooting or some stupid a*s celebrity doing a seven second stint in rehab. For those of you readers out there that don't know the era of reference within this text it's called the eighties. My mother asks me if I need to see a psychiatrist because I know so much about guns and weapons. She calls this crazy I call it survival. See at least if I'm ever robbed on my way home from school one day and some d****e pulls a Walther PPS on me I can tell the police that the gun was a German model Walther PPS handgun with a 9mm caliber and a firing range of 150ft. You'll rearly go into that much detail in a police interview but I always go prepared. My teachers all tell me that you can't learn a damn thing from playing video games but come on really? If I gave my english teacher a Desert Eagle and told her to take it apart and re-assemble it do you think she could? Could I? Hell yes I've done it twice. Never have used it on anybody but it's the comfort of having it under my pillow in case that time ever does come oh and just FYI girlfriends out there please stop being a b***h when your boyfriend is playing a simple video game. He doesn't tell you not to brush your hair every morning or your teeth every night it's just something you do so consider him playing Battlefield 4 something that he does it never hurt anybody. If you want his attention just ask for it and avoid the whole I'll ruin your life by smashing your PS4 to pieces cliche okay because that s**t is not only old but extremely annoying. Guys (Yes I'm Not just picking on the girls) Woman are more than just sex objects alright so grow a real pair and show your lady some love, Real love and think outside the sack for Christ sake. Otherwise I'll come and find you then smash your PS4 myself. I suppose you've heard enough of my jobber jabber and you probably hate my guts but you can in line because so does half the world. I'll leave you with this final statement. Be yourself, Be you and don't be influenced by the a*****e that is commercial society. If you see something say something and whatever you do don't ever let anybody make you feel lost like tears in rain. 

© 2014 Kevin Dean

Author's Note

Kevin Dean
I hope you guys enjoy this one.

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Added on February 2, 2014
Last Updated on February 2, 2014
Tags: Dark, Dramatic


Kevin Dean
Kevin Dean

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

At only 24 years old Kevin has already got four Self-Published Novels in the world wide market. Writing since the age of six has kept him busy for more than twenty years. His signature style is a comb.. more..

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