The Photograph Taboo

The Photograph Taboo

A Story by Ehra Khan

Regarding the constant fear of hackers who don't spare photos and much more


Uploading a photograph on social media has literally become a taboo. What I fail to understand is why it's considered such a big deal.
  Teenagers feel it's 'cool' to upload pictures on social media and why not? A little bit show-off is allowed in everybody's life right? Well, let's forget the teens. There are a whole lot of other people from different age groups, trying to fit in or be cool. Then why the drama about uploading pictures on facebook?
I was asked to take down my pictures too. When I cited the example of an elder sister, the lamest answer I got was that, 'She's married. She can do what she wants'. That was quite disturbing and besides, I definitely didn't believe the last part, keeping in mind our society.
Another reason I was given was that, some perverts would blackmail me with my edited pictures. What I failed to understand was, what would they blackmail me for? The genuine and smart people around me would and should know that I would never defame myself or my family or friends. After all, I did have my self respect.

However, not all of us are brave lions. There are a few timid hearts. But who can blame them? Sometimes social neteorking sites too are at fault. When some bold ladies bring out the perverts in public, posts are pulled down. How exactly will any woman be courageous then, when encouragement itself is being condemned?

Things are getting uglier and it's not going to stop if we back dowm!

© 2016 Ehra Khan

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I personally think that our generation is using social media beyond limit, so the problems are becoming worse...

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Ehra Khan

1 Year Ago

Exactly what I've tried to convey :)
You must be careful. Years ago a Atlanta young girl(18 years old) posted photos of her friend who died, at the ocean in a private site. Somehow the photos showed up on adult sites. I recommend post nothing that can be changed. Internet is wide open. Never share private information. I agree with you. A sad world we live in.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Ehra Khan

2 Years Ago

Of course! Thanks for stopping by:)
Coyote Poetry

2 Years Ago

You are welcome.

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Added on June 1, 2016
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Ehra Khan
Ehra Khan

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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