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A Poem by Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka




(Dramatic Monologue)


Before they had entered into my cab

They were told, as they gab

I speed, against the parameter, I reversed

Speedily zoomed, after we all traversed.   


I took them at the back sit, fully aware

Into that hefty slope, knocked them off everywhere

It was after a long distance, onto that heavy spattered

On top of their littered bodies, I matched.


Blood boom, like a river flood, it wash them down

Broken into pieces, flesh and bones, subtracted then

Some faces left familiarly unacquainted

I guessed they would picked

The little scrap left, kept into a coffin. 


My vehicle, my own cab, you delighted my eyes

When I saw people from all corner of the world glance

I bragged and squeaked, I was a driver, A transporter

An African number one champion and ever

Would I assume the post

Because I drove across the coast.


We all drove, but I drove, first, to delight my fiancé

When I saw blood bloom glittering wealth, a scene

Was created before my face, like an ornament of gold  

Met in the eyes of different delighted.   


My passengers went shot

In my cab, his bullet, struck them all and left

A dozen dead, half dead, half-alive, tearing 

My papers, my driving license was flaming.  


Fire out break, down drunk the word   

My name went into the flame, breaking a record

That one notorious driver, drove different styles

Plying, without breaking, a dint of his bodies. 

I was sure, I was a spirit, a spiritual driver, I

Could disappear and reappear in a wink of an I (eye)


Could you observe and listen, how they all went down?

I came up for the race, sat in my cab, known

That my break got fault, and I took a shot

A raw bacheus, went into my head last night

When I sipped, my eyes wept and slept a number

Of dozes, I could remember.


I was sure, I was a prophet of one scenario

They must die and some dead before they roar

Their heart shrieked and jump into their stomach

My audience shrugged, they watched and ache.


When the screen steadily gazed into my eyes

All transparency blanked, tired around my face

(I drove them into slopes)

Shred into pieces, narrowed them down

Shoulder high was I, with crown.


I knew it was a game

And I was delighted, to play it again

Now more elaborate blood would sprout

From different arteries, and veins sustaining a cut.


You would see, how blood could emerge

Like an African soldiers across the edge.

Rushing to be slaughtered  

In a heroic welcomed.


After there was a shot

All blood splattered, glittering wet

I was sparkled, sparkling in blood 

Like a onyx kept, in the house of gold.




© 2013 Onyia, Kingsley C.

All Right Reserved

© 2015 Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka

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Got to read this again, was on a great journey - wow - I must put in my library and re-read. This is wonderful poetic prose, I was so excited I did not know what would happen next. It is a fantastic writing. Forget about the imagery: wow the descriptions are so phenomental, I didn't know at one point if it was a dream. Wow, young man you have a talent and you must keep writing. You blew me away, like the smallest wilting flower, I couldn't stop reading like a mirage, a thirsty dieing person seeking water. Wow. Thank you

Posted 3 Years Ago

Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka

3 Years Ago

O! I felt been flattered. Thank you so much.

3 Years Ago

Great work, loved it! You are welcome sir.
A good story poem , great imagery write.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka

5 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your review. I appreciate.
Damn! wowzers! amazing poetry.. i had ti read this aloud...Dramatic Indeed!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka

5 Years Ago

O! Thank you for your review. Tomi.
Ouch, this one hurt, remind me never to hail your cab! Good job, imagery is superb.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 5 Years Ago

Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka

5 Years Ago

Nice seeing you again Frieda P, thank you so much for your review. I have many of your poem unread, .. read more
Frieda P

5 Years Ago

Welcome, good to read you again, take your time, I have loads of RR's to catch up with too...
Like this, this has the spirit of poetry to be read aloud, a good story
full of drama..

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 5 Years Ago

Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka

5 Years Ago

Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate your review.

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Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka
Onyia-ota, Kingsley Chukwuebuka

Enugu, Eastern, Nigeria, Nigeria

A student, from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. In love with writing Poems, Short stories and Play and (Novel*) Note: Poetry can not be subjected to any single definition. We know, of course, ther.. more..


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