A Second Letter

A Second Letter

A Poem by Kitt

My dear friend, how are you? We haven't talked in some time.
Things have been well here, I suppose. I rarely have the gift of free time anymore, which is such a pity considering the weather outside. Now I truly realize how lucky I was in the days of lazing around in the grass, the sun washing over me. It's an uncommon luxury. One that I dearly miss, to be honest.
Lately I've been feeling a little down. I'm not stressed much, and when I am it's the little things that get to me; miniscule. I have a good job, I have money, I do well academically, yet.. Something is off. It's not a terrible feeling, nothing like the feeling of guilt and anxiety or depression. I love a simple life, yet I hate the type most people have. I love simplicity and hate the shallowness of the world. I suppose a simple life isn't a shallow one, right? I think I miss the woods. I think I miss my time alone, outside, taking in the mystery of a world people often pass by without considering. It's a sad life, having virtually everything I need and more, but apart from the aspect of life I love most.
I don't really have any friends, and the ones I do consider close are all far away. It gets a bit sad sometimes, being social but not present. No one connects with me, even if I do enjoy their company. Little people enjoy mine with a mutuality. I don't really mind, though; I'd rather have no friends than ones that make my life miserable. Again, it's not a terrible position I'm in, just an occasionally lonely one. I'm not worried about guys or the perfect relationship; I have finally harnessed the power to control that, and I think it gets on peoples' nerves. My coworkers occasionally flirt or talk to me as if there's something between us, and although it makes me seem less cool or less desireable, I can talk without relational interest and treat them truly as a friend. It is, again, a lonely approach, but an enjoyable one as well.
~Sincerely, Kitt.

© 2017 Kitt

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Stepping from one world to another take such an effort.. seems to go against everything that one is.. like being on another planet and having to learn which side of the sky the clouds drive. Perhaps!

Your writing, your letter, touches the heart but remains relaxed, honest; tis written in simple terms and yet.. strkes so high in the emotional stakes. it's the old thingy: takes time.. But, but, whilst trying to settle, adapt a little.. ALWAYS be yourself.. UNIQUE. There are friends to find, there are places to explore.. Believe me, there are. Promise. Sincerely, Em

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Read my writing and I'll be happi :3 more..

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