He May Have Undone The Lock, But...

He May Have Undone The Lock, But...

A Story by -cradle therapy-

Just something creepy and halloweeny :3 I wanted to do an OC x Fullmetal Alchemist x Saw fanfiction, but I just didn't have the inspiration to write a whole thing. So yeah...


The first thing that greeted Ed's nose was the smell of medicine and rust. Hospital was the first word that came to mind. Asylum was next. Junkyard? Graveyard? Ahh, where am I?


Ed lifted his head and parted his lips as best he could, but something was in the way. He grazed his tounge over it. Metal. It tasted like metal. His eyes were heavy and glazed, foamed over. His body, he could feel, was strapped against something. He pushed his back against it until he felt the rough jabs of splinters push through his shirt and into his back. Wood. He was sitting in a chair.


Some of his hair swooped down and past his nose. It was tolerable for awhile, but eventually it grew tiresome. When he tried to push it away, his wrists slammed against something sleek and rubber-like. Constricted. His hands were tied down. To this chair. Someone had strapped him to a chair. And he tasted metal.


He opened his eyes wide, but suddenly he could feel the drugs coursing through his system. All energy was gone. His skin radiated exaustion. Through what felt like a blurred delusion, Ed could just faintly make out the leather straps constricting his wrists. He pressed his tounge against the metal in his mouth again. What was this? What was going on?


He leaned his head back and noticed it was heavy. VERY heavy. Almost as if his head were made out of...of...


With a small jerk forward, he felt it: blood. Rushing onto his tounge from the top and bottom of his mouth. The metal he had tasted a mere moment before had somehow dug its way into the roof of his mouth and...his jaw too! His mouth filled with blood, but something kept his lips slammed shut. He couldn't spit it out, so his only option was to swallow. Once again he tried to open his eyes, to see just what exactly was going on, but he knew he'd been drugged. He was sleepy, he couldn't see what was around him. All he could faintly make out was the TV in front of him along with the dim sea-foam green glow around it.


Where...where am I? Why is my mouth bleeding? What's on my face? I...I can't...


With a sudden burst of light from in front of him, the TV screen turned on, making his eyes water. The image of..something...came into his view. It looked like what appeared to be someone sitting in a chair, wrists bound and a large contraption strapped to their face.


Just like him...


The person on the screen copied his movements right as he executed them: the first sign that it was himself he was watching. To make sure, he continued this for several moments. When he was positive it was himself he was watching, he sat still in wonder. The drugs numbed all his senses, so his panic was reduced to a low.


That thing...what is it? On my face. What is that? It's so...large. And...constricting. Its getting hard to breathe.


After swallowing another mouthful of blood, Ed finally felt his senses beginning to leak into him. He knew it would be awhile before he was completely aware, but he took what he could get. He finally began to struggle: he tried to jerk his hands free from the chair arms, but it appeared that his wrists had been tied down tight. His kidnapper did well in making sure he couldn't move.


Gah...what is this?!

Come to think of it....where was I before here?


He couldn't remember, as the drugs muddled his thinking. He could barely even remember what was happening as it happened.


The TV screen went to static, making Ed jump. The static swayed for awhile, its black and white dots slamming against each other in a twisted dance before the screen showed another image. This image was another live feed: a puppet. The puppet wasn't looking at him at first, but slowly twisted it's head to face him. Ed's heart lept in his chest. The fear was finally beginning to sink it.


The puppet's glowing red eyes pierced right through him in a menacing , manufactured glare. "Hello Edward," his voice spoke in a deep and rough tone. "I want to play a game."


Ed could sense something was about to happen, and he knew he didn't want to be around when it went down. He began to fight harder, jerking his wrists this way and that as hard as the drugs allowed. In the proccess, he kept remembering to swallow.


The puppet continued to talk.


"Your selfish desire to regain one you held dear nearly took the life of your younger brother. Even after you managed to atone for this sin, you continued to push him around in your quest to make things right. In each new land, your brother was put into situations that could have easily been avoided, but weren't. Your selfish wants and needs put your brother at risk, and you were racked with guilt. You managed to save your brother and provide him with the life you felt he deserved, but you weren't satisfied with your work. A few days ago, you attempted to take you life, regardless of your families feelings. Now I'm going to make you appreciate the life you were so eager to throw away."


Ed's bones felt heavy, like the drugs were just now kicking in, even when they had obviously been lingering for hours. He thrashed around in his chair, letting out desperate moans and gasps.


"The device attached to your jaw is one of my personal favourites. I like to call it the Reverse Bear Trap. There is a timer in the back, set to begin once you free yourself from the staps holding your hands down. You'll have 60 seconds to remove the trap. Here's what'll happen if you dont remove it in time."


The camera shifted to a foam head sitting next to the puppet. On it's head was a heafty looking device, which obscured the mouth completely. The device looped all the way around the back of the head. Ed sat still long enough to watch.


The device made a small clicking noise, and the familiar tick-tock of a timer could be heard. Soon, the noise began to pace itself faster and faster until there was another clicking noise. All went quiet, and in a faction of a second the device ripped up through the head and tore off the bottom jaw, all while stretching the top jaw forward. It was the most painful thing he had ever seen. It was then that it clicked inside him: he was next. That same device, same trap...was attached to HIS jaw.


The puppet appeared to smirk as the camera moved back to him. "Fortunately for you, I have made the trap escapable. I have placed a key in the body under the blanket in the corner of the room. The key is located inside the neck. Cut it open, and free yourself. And if you dont...well, I suppose I should let the trap do the talking. Live or die. It's your choice." With that, the TV shut off, leaving Ed incased in a deep depressing silence.


The damage that trap did...and what it COULD do to him....the horror sunk within him, and he attempted to swallow it along with another mouthful of blood.


I'd have a minute to take this trap off...?!! How am I going to manage that!! It's impossible!!


He leaned back against the chair in defeat. It didn't seem fair. The guilt already had ruined his life inside and out...who's position was it to punish him for trying to end the pain? Ed thrusted himself forward in an attempt to lessen the pain in his mouth, but it only made the trap dig itself deeper into his gums. If he were able, he'd scream.


The drugs were starting to wear off. He could see where he was more clearly now. He was in a rusted, bloody bathroom. "GOD GAVE YOU A GIFT" was written on the mirrors in some sort of unidentifyable liquid. The floor was stained in freshly spilt blood, and as the puppet had said there was a body-shaped lump under a black blanket in the corner of the room.


Where his key was.


I...I don't want to die...!! I appreciate my life!!


Ed took a deep breath as best he could, able to push a bit of blood out of his mouth. He gripped the arms of the chair as he pushed hard to free his wrists. There was a sudden snap, and his arms were free.


Thats when the click echoed throughout the bathroom.


The timer in the back of the trap began to tick its life away. Frantically, Ed ran his fingers over the back of it, grunting hysterically. He could feel a cold brass lock in the back, and he knew this was where he needed to insert the key. Time was running out.


Hastily, Ed tripped over his own feet as he scuttled over to the lump and dribbled out more blood from his mouth. He knelt down and thrusted the cotton sheet to the side, and gasped.


The body was the body of his brother's child. Dead.

And the key was inside her neck.


"How much blood are you willing to shed to survive, Edward?" the puppet's voice rang in the room from some hidden speaker. Ed hesitated as he picked up a nearby scalpel and brought it to the child's skin. She was only 10...and here she sat before him, bathing in a pool of her own blood. He felt postively sick to his stomach.


I...I have to..r-right? To live I must...I have to--


Before he could convince himself not to, he slammed the scalpel into her neck, making a sick ripping noise through her once innocent body tissue. He hated this, but he had to. Over and over he slammed the blade, tainted with her blood into her neck.


"I would hurry, if I were you..."


Ed could hear the timer in the back beginning to tick faster. His time was running short. Heart pounding and sweat dripping, he could feel his stomach churn as he slipped his hand into her neck and groped her organs for a key. When he found it, he pulled it out with tissue clinging to it's rusty golden sides. He felt sick.


The timer began to chink even faster. 10 seconds.


His fingers gripped the key tight as he slammed it into the back of his head and reached around for the lock.


7 seconds.


C'mon!!! C'mon!!!!


He slipped the key into the lock, but soon realized he had jammed it in too far and it refused to budge. Panicked, he wrestled with it to pull it out.


5 seconds.


He managed to yank the key free. His fingers, caked in freshly spilt blood, slipped and the key fell to the ground below him. His eyes widened.


3 seconds.


He fell to his knees and grabbed the key in front of him. No no no no no no!!!!


1 second.


He jammed the key in and jerked it to the left. Click. The lock came undone and fell to the floor.




"Game over."


In a fraction of a second, the floor below him was penciled a fair crimson colour, and the wall were spray painted with his failure.





















[He may have undone the lock, but he didn't remove the trap...]

© 2015 -cradle therapy-

Author's Note

-cradle therapy-
I was trying to work more with descriptive language and how I described the surroundings. Please tell me how I did!!

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ALSO, there is no picture because I'm in the works of drawing one. :3 I'll post it as soon as I am done.


-Won "Regional Panic!" in the "Dark, deadly, and horrifying" contest (3rd out of 10)

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Wow just wow!!!! Amazing!!! But just one thing, isn't this so similar to the movie with that Puzzle Killer in it?

Posted 3 Years Ago

That was amazing! *O*

Posted 6 Years Ago

*claps* EXCELLENT!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Pure awesomeness. I love the Saw reference, it had great details. I read it twice :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

This was an interesting story. I really enjoyed it. The story had great details. I could imagine it was I read it and the music went well with it. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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