My Country...once upon a time !

My Country...once upon a time !

A Poem by KurKota

What has become of my country ?

What happened to my country ?
It was not swept by an enemy sword,
Nor guns ablaze have sounded.
But yet it struggles to remain.

As the land of free it was conceived,
And thus it was for many decades,
But now it has become not of majority,
However, of minority noise and tripe.

My youth saw freedom and prosper,
The enemy seemed afar,
Now it seems as tho we offend,
By mere existence...the  person next.

Each word be spoken, rudeness prevails,
Behaviors are not of class, but much of crass.
Consideration of others, none exist,
Only shock and spew, be expressed.

What happened to my country, once of class ?
Now stagnant as a pool of cess.
Excess and regress are the norms of day,
No longer pride, No longer stride !

Farewell America, once of much greatness,
Once a vision of acheivement and strength,
Now no longer pride, in deed or manner.
Just another failure, of mans greed and clamor !

© 2018 KurKota

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All existence is cyclical, men, politics, nations and empires come and go, and we the people are just along for the ride.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Many people HERE espouse THIS mindset - some have tried, though most haven't got a real clue -what already BEING HERE (let alone trying something and what IS the true cost of even being able to try) is all about...and yet so many others continue (at the REAL risk of life, limb, family, and imprisonment) to flock HERE, to hide in the crowd just to STAY here - every damn day. "Dreamers" - just what the hell IS their dream about when taken in the context of this piece? So why would they even bother?

Things have cost... life has a price... words aren't cheap... speaking your mind IS allowed ...HERE... and the mass graves continue to be filled with bodies - elsewhere.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I find quiet interising your poems got kot of wievs but not so many reviews. Your poem make clear reflection of political situation. Riase of questions why all went so wrong.very important message to us all.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I have found that unless one is part of the core little "cligue" .. read more
Carcass de carcasse

1 Year Ago

Yes thats quiet funny here. This so called top writers give reviews to each other and they pets. Mos.. read more
I feel that you are echoing what many people in "civilised" countries are seeing as a progressive deterioration in standards. For "pride", read "power". Political greed, ambition and corruption have now become the norm.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Yes, I totally agree. I believe there has been a continual deterioration over the 50 years, but it.. read more

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Added on March 30, 2015
Last Updated on May 14, 2018
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I sense that I have been in this dimension previously and that "time" as we experience it is but a very small portion of a vastness that we have yet to comprehend from the perspective of this dimensio.. more..

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