Memoirs About a Girl

Memoirs About a Girl

A Story by Liam M. Lennon

Short story that I am working on for fun


PART ONE: Noticing Clare

“Everyone loses friends, and over the years they come and they go, it’s something I’ve never really been concerned about.”

“It was when I was seventeen years old, that I realised that I had friends. Matter of fact, I had seven friends at this time, and I considered them all to be my true compadres.”

“I didn’t need any more friends, or so I believed.”


October 4th, 2018.    “It was just like any other Thursday, I showed up late to class, and I took my usual seat.”

“Things were fine like always.”

“I followed the same old timetable and there was nothing different to my routine. I was hanging around with my friends John and Barry, like I usually do” … “but for some reason I broke my pattern.”

          “I met Clare from an act of kindness, she had sat near us during study hour. She was having trouble with her math. I always was good at math but I tend to ignore people, so when Clare approached us with her problem, I ignored her” … “I don’t know what it was but at that moment I had a change of heart. First, I asked my friends John and Barry if they could help her instead, but they had declined.”

“A part of me must have felt bad for Clare. It was out of character for me to be kind, especially to the other students” … “but I guess there was a little bit of good in me after all.”

          “I turned to Clare and I said I’m not very good at math but I will see if I can be of help” … “this was a lie, but I didn’t want her coming to me for help with math again, so I thought it best to lie about my ability to do math” … “so. I went over to look at her math problem, it was all very simple, and it baffled me that she couldn’t figure it out, but I guess everyone isn’t adept in math.”

“As for her problem, I explained it to her in a way that didn’t give her the answer, I wanted her to learn and get the answer by herself, I thought, that if she learns for herself then she wouldn’t bother me anymore.”

“This had all been a hassle for me, I didn’t like what had occurred on this day. I even complained to my friends later that day, as we walked home from school.”

          “It had been a long day, and surely tomorrow couldn’t be as bad. Tomorrow was Friday, the best day for making weekend plans.”

          “God, I couldn’t wait for the weekend.”


PART TWO: Weekend Plans.

October 6th, 2018.   “I remember telling Scotty to pick me up at 6pm” … “Every Saturday no matter the time, he was always thirty minutes late.”

          “Scotty was eighteen now, he had gotten his licence almost three months ago, and ever since then, Scotty and myself have drove around every week night.”

          “That was our weekend entertainment.”

“Scotty likes to break the speed limits. So, when no one is about Scotty hits it ninety, I can’t complain because it is all rather frilling.”

          “Maybe it’s the near-death experiences that I like, or maybe I like the comfort of being in safe hands, as Scotty drives around.”

“These drives always take us to the neighbouring towns, and it was no surprise that Scotty wanted to stop for some fast food” … “but when we did, I was very surprised to run into Clare.”

          “It had to be Clare, of all people.”

“It turns out Clare works part-time, and for a student that’s quite impressive. A few people I know have part-time jobs, most are either too busy studying or living happily of daddy’s money” … “I’ve been looking for a job myself, but no one seems to be hiring students, well maybe expect the fast food industry.”

          “So, me and Scotty are standing in line, and that’s when I see her.”

“She looked different outside of school, that was obvious, but what I mean is that Clare looked… cute. Maybe she was always looked cute and I just didn’t notice, but I can’t help but notice it now.”

          “Before Thursday I was ignoring Clare, and everyone else, but now it would be hard not to ignore her.”

“As I sat eating my chicken, I was thinking about going over and saying hello, that I could become her friend.”

“Foolish thoughts.”

“Scotty rambled on and on about some post he read online, I wasn’t really listening, I had become distanced from the conversation” … “I wasn’t interested in the conversation at that time, at that time all I could think about was Clare.”

“This wasn’t healthy.”  

“I finished my food quickly, and I hurried Scotty out the door, I hadn’t seen Clare in a while and I thought it best to leave while see was out of sight” … “I felt nervous about the whole situation, I don’t know why I did” … “but what I did know was that I could no longer ignore Clare.”

          “We continued on are travels. We drove long into the night and when sun rose on Sunday morning I had returned home.  We were young, we could stay up all night and sleep all of Sunday, it was all a part of being young.”

“That was a night I would remember.”


PART THREE: The Following Days.

October 8th, 2018. “Breaking my pattern again. Today I was early, I’ve never been early before. I was always the guy who showed up late, but not today” … “Today I had reason.”

          “On Sunday night, I had tried to sleep, but I couldn’t, I was up half the night.”

“I was restless.”

“I couldn’t get her out of my head.” … “I just wanted to see her face, once more.”

“I had a problem.”

          “So, here I was sitting in class, just waiting” … “I was waiting on Clare to show up, I had wanted to see her ever since Saturday night.”

“I laughed at myself after school that day” … “I waited and waited, but Clare never showed up” … “I kept waiting for the moment that she would walk through the door. I made up excuses in my head that explained here absence.”

          “I had a bad feeling in my gut. Luckily, I was worried over nothing.”


October 9th " October 10th, 2018. “I spent the next two days doing the same thing, attending early, waiting on Clare, theorising about her whereabouts, and finally worrying about Clare” … “this had become my problem.”

          “I didn’t even know Clare.”

“Why was I so concerned?” “What had I become?”

“Was it too late to turn back?”

          “These where the questions I would ask myself at night.”


October 11th, 2018. “The fourth day attending early, people started to notice, my friends thought I was sick” … “I couldn’t explain it.”

          “How do I tell my friends, that I’ve drove myself crazy over some girl.”

“Of course, they would understand, but I just can’t help but feel that it be a joke on my behalf.”

          “Besides all that, today was my lucky day” … “Clare, finally arrived.”

“She walked in five minutes before class started. I remember it well” … “it was the moment that I’ve been longing for, it had near been a week since I had seen Clare, but it was worth the wait because when she finally emerged back into my life she emerged smiling”

          “It was a beautiful smile. It seemed cheerful but at the same time her expression seemed free.”

“Clare walked to her seat, and I just followed her by, I must have looked like such a stalker.”

          “I was at ease with Clare’s return.”

“The day past in the same way, regardless of my feelings. Thursday will always be the same” … “and like any other Thursday, we had a study hour.”

          “Were my problem first started.”

“Today Clare didn’t approach me, it was as if I didn’t exist to her, she kept to herself and never looked my way once” … “it was usually my thing to ignore people but this was the first time I felt ignored.”

“I had to do something, I had to go talk to her.”

          “I called Clare over. She grabbed her text books and sat down beside me, I got so nervous” … “When she arrived, she was confused to as of why I called her over, I didn’t have a good reason but I managed to convince her that I needed her help.

          “I managed to bluff my way into her company. I wonder what she thought of all this, I clearly didn’t need help” … “she must know that I just wanted her company.”

“we talked about our assignments, it wasn’t much of a conversation but it was more than I could have asked for, this was what I wanted.”

          “Study hour ended, and we went back to the normal timetable, but I had achieved something” … “I achieved friendship with Clare.”


PART FOUR: Social Understanding


October 14th, 2018. “I had made it through to the weekend” … “I was making progress with Clare.”

          “She had become my friend.”

“This is what I had wanted, friendship with Clare” … “I have never cared this much about friendship” … “but with Clare, the idea of not being in her life, makes me sick.”

          “I have a problem, but it is getting easier.”

“I spent Sunday playing video games in my room, and not stalking Clare.”

          “I spent about four hours yelling into my microphone as my friends killed me in this new warfare video game, I was never a gamer, I would rather read a volume or two of manga.”

          “I was a big otaku, I loved my manga, but I would always sacrifice my reading just to spend some time with my friends, even if that meant logging eighty hours on a video game.”

          “By now my day is half spent, nothing interesting happens on a Sunday, but this Sunday was special.”

“This Sunday, Clare sent me a friend request, it was near tea time when I accepted her request.”

          “I got excited. I thought this meant more than what it did” … “I thought Clare wanted to message me, I thought we could get to know each other” … “I guess I was wrong. I stared at my phone waiting on her message, I couldn’t eat my dinner in peace knowing that Clare might need me.”

          “It was frustrating.”

“I gave in and sent the first message.”

          “This was a mistake. What if she didn’t reply?”

          “Luckily, she replied, just an hour later, whatever I could rest now” … “if only it was that easy” … “I couldn’t leave it alone, I had to try and keep our conversation going.”

“I send message after message all I get in return is a response, but she never ever asks me about anything.”

          “Is it selfish of me to want this?”

“What do I want from this?”

“Does she see me as her friend? I see her as a friend.”

          “I just wish I knew if she felt the same way.”

“This was just another night that I would spend asking myself questions” … “another night I questioned my feelings for Clare.”

          “This time I was up until 3am. I just lay in bed, Clare and myself had finished talking, we didn’t last long” … “our conversation ended ages ago, but what didn’t end was the questions.”

“There was no conclusion, I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know if Clare felt anything, it was cold, it chilled me thinking about given up Clare.”

“I had just started this friendship, and I wanted more. I wish Clare would speak to me, I craved a bond between us.”

          “However, I think I figured out the cause of my problem. I think it’s love…

© 2017 Liam M. Lennon

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Can't wait to know what happens next. Its so beautiful

Posted 1 Month Ago

Liam M. Lennon

1 Month Ago

Oh, thanks, but that's it ends there.
This is so cute, if you like manga, why not make one? if you can make an engaging story on here, I'm sure you'd make a great manga!

Posted 4 Months Ago

Liam M. Lennon

4 Months Ago

Thanks for you comment, I would love to make a manga, I got plenty of scripts and stories for it, bu.. read more
Wow, I could not stop reading till the end, and I love how you took us from the first flick of emotion all the way to Love. Great work

Posted 5 Months Ago

Liam M. Lennon

5 Months Ago

Thanks for the review.
This is realy god! Can't wait to see what happens next.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 5 Months Ago

Liam M. Lennon

5 Months Ago

Thanks for rhe review, I've finally finished this short story.

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