Uprising On Mars

Uprising On Mars

A Story by Liam M. Lennon

This is an unfinished piece of work, I still have six more chapters to write. Plus additional changes to each addition I add.



MARS 118.A.C

The Martian boy Jay C111, stands with his father Harold C103.

They stand overlooking the deep, red, rocky canyon, they watch the miner's assemble outside a cavern below.

Jay viewed his father, as the bravest and strongest miner on Mars. This might have been true, as there was only one mining corporation on Mars, and not many miners to compare to, but regardless his father was the best of the best.

The Kaiser Corporation, like every other corporation on Mars, were the only business in their field. There was no need for a second mining company.

And Jay, like his father and his father before him, will become a miner.

It was practically a Martian tradition.

Harold, padded down his uniform, as he didn't like showing up to work too dusty. He turned to his son and he requested "Bring me my hard hat."

Jay hurried over to his father's buggy, and grabbed his father's dark blue hard hat. He quickly gave it a polish with his sleeve, before returning to his father, helmet in hand.

"You're a good lad" said Harold as he took his hat. Now geared up and ready, it had come time for Harold to depart from his son. As he headed towards the slope path, to the canyon floor, he called out "Be good, and look after your mother."

Jay waved goodbye, as his father made his descent down the slope.

Now, that his father was gone. Jay headed back to the buggy.

It would be a long journey back, but Jay didn't mind, as he had a leisurely drive back, due to his buggy's autopilot system.

The first couple of miles, was nothing but a rocky terrain , the planet was eighty percent rocks and dirt after all. Further past the rocks, are archers upon archers of farms.

Farms, filled with underdeveloped crops, as these are the wild farm's of the west. They grow little now, but these early stage lands were never intended for a successful harvest.

As that is the job, of the east side farms. As, they are shielded from the harsh natural environment of Mars, and are able to grow and flourish.

Jays buggy, drives along the west side. He waves to the passing farmers, as they harvest what crops they can.

It wouldn't be long now, until Jay had arrived back at Titan.

Titan was the capital of Mars, it was fairly large city. It had many districts, each district with their own artificial environment dome, all connected through a underground tunnel system.

Titan had been forever expanding. No one knows, how big it will actually get, and there hasn't been any official talks of forming a second city.

The snow globe like city walls, looked dull and boring. The world was too metallic, but it was the only world Jay had ever known.

Jay stops, now that he has arrived at  Titan's western gate.

The giant magnetically locked doors, open up, on the command of the patrolman. Standard procedure for all those whom wish to return back into the city.

Jay salutes the patrolman, before igniting the engine of his buggy once more. Back in route and Jay returns home.

Titan. Home to 120,000 Martians.

Chapter One


MARS 121.A.C

Today was a day of celebration, as today was graduation day.

The Kaiser Academy graduates, had all gathered in an establishment popularly known as Jo’s. It was a low end tavern, but it's liquor was solid cheaply, students and graduates could afford a fair lot more at Jo's than any other tavern on Mars, not that they had much choice.

Jay C111, sat amongst his friends, Alex H111 & Mark D113. All three had just graduated the academy together, and all three destined to be miners.

Jo’s was never usually packed, but tonight it had been filled, it had many young and old, all mingling in small packs of six or less.

The night grew long, and the once packed tavern started to thin out.

Alex slurred his words as he spoke with his friends "What is it... What is... No, why is it... That everyone is taught the craft and skills of their parents?" Jay ponders this question, as it was something that he too had also thought about.

Jay, was intrigued to hear what his friends thoughts were on this matter. Jay listened, as Alex continued his slurred words "Those Earthers have plenty of choice... Yet we seem to be stuck in a cycle, shouldn't... Shouldn't we be able to choose our own careers, are own paths in life"

Mark chuckles and retorts "I would argue, that their freedom to choose their own careers, led them to where they are now. A dying race. Of course there were other factors at play, all equally debatable." Alex relaxes back in his seat, considering what Mark has said.

"How absurd" said a voice from behind their stall. The trio glanced behind, to see whom had interrupted their conversion.

It was Hara H112. "Brother, I can't believe the garbage you've been spouting" Jay & Mark laugh at the scolding tone of Hara. Alex however was not so amused.

Hara sat down beside Jay before continuing "I thought it was abundantly clear, that we early stage Martians, were to learn the skills of our ancestors. So that one day Mars would be flush with life, like how Earth once was. Wouldn't a stable and controlled working environment, be the quickest way to terraform the planet." Hara took a long breath before finishing "a free roaming society, like the one on Earth, would greatly hinder the process of terraforming. It is our hard labour, that will build the foundations of the Mars of tomorrow. "

The group went silent, as much as they wanted freedom, they knew she was right.

The mood had been killed. Their conversion had ended on awkwardness, that no one wanted to discuss further. The only thing that they could do is let it die.

The silence was broke by Mark, who shimmied in his seat and said "I better be going, we should do this again sometime" which the group all said goodbye in some shape or form, Mark stood up and proceeded to leave. He looked back at his friends and waved a two fingered salute at them before leaving for the night.

It had been a while since Jay last spoke, he often listened in groups, but now that Mark had gone, he had his own comment to add "I know you said that we should be working to terraform Mars, but I often wonder if I could be of better use in another line of work. I think that any work on Mars would be beneficial to the terraforming progress, is it so wrong to dream of a tomorrow where I am not a miner?"

Hara replies "That sounds reasonable, I bet many people would think the same way, but I don't think that our government would approve. The system has worked so far, we should have faith that it will continue to work."

Behind the bar, Stan the bartender had stated to mop up and clean, as it was near closing time. He looked around at the few remainders, he let out a nasty grunt, that caught everyone's attention.

It was practically a signal to leave, everyone had known it, within minutes Jo's was empty.

Alex, Hara and Jay excited Jo's as it was closing.

Hara and Jay were fine but Alex seemed a bit wobbly on his feat. "I guess, I'll see you around" said Alex as he stood up straight in his best attempt to act sober, to which Jay replied "Most defiantly. Just make sure to get home safely, I can guarantee that the mines would be boring without you."

Alex laughs before saying "Well, I have Hara here to make sure that nothing bad happens." Jay looks down at Hara as had almost forgot that she was here.

Not sure about how to say goodbye, Jay waves at them both. A natural waving goodbye would be best, friendly but not over friendly.

To Jay's surprise Hara had intended on a more friendly goodbye. She had hugged him, something he had thought was unusual.

At that moment Jay started thinking Was this a sign of affection? Was I oblivious to Hara's feelings? Maybe it was simply a hug and that I am thinking too hard about it. It's defiantly unusual, maybe it was the alcohol.

Jay finally stopped thinking about himself and what this could possibly be, and just let himself enjoy the moment.

Hara looked up at Jay, making sure that he was paying attention. What she had to say was important, and now had seemed to be her last chance to tell him.

She leaned in and whispered "let's continue our conversion sometime." Jay had been paying attention, his raised eyebrow was a clear indication of that, so with that knowledge she continued "Somewhere we won't be interrupted."

Jay nodded and replies "Sure, if you want to talk some more, I guess we could meet up sometime, let's say maybe during our next day off" Hara removes her arms from around Jay's torso, and before fully letting go she mutters "Sounds great."

Hara walks back to join Alex.

Now that goodbyes were out of the way, the three parted ways, Alex and Hara head to the underground passages to the West, while Jay went towards the direction of the Southern underground.

It had been an eventful day. Jay was glad to have his time for small pleasures and trivial conversion. Soon he was to become a miner, and days like these would surely be less frequent.

© 2017 Liam M. Lennon

Author's Note

Liam M. Lennon
Please point out any negatives, problems or mistakes. I hope you enjoy, but if you didn't please tell me more.

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