A Poem by Lalli

Melding different cultures into the whole of humanity. Basically.. activism towards accepting everyone for who they are and stop judging them by color, culture..we are family thru our DNA


My feet dance in the sand of a tribal drum beat

Like a Tahitian ceremony

I ritualistically return to the natural sounds of my people

Spirits call from the afterlife speaking truths

Prophets sharing visions of history to the disconnected

A reminder of what was and is, and always will be there is a line of stars

An alignment of energy waiting to be released

Like an imprisoned Chinese fable of demonic inception

Thieving the tongue of a songstress

Flute reeds of song and praise change speech into divine language

Howling notes that exude the radiance from beneath chest plates

Music travels like waves underneath the breeze reaching distances unforeseen

Composed for those who need to be moved by the sound of an invisible soul

Penetrating their core they are introduced to forgotten culture

As a meditation to meditate in part with collective consciousness

Homage to spiritual connection, the creation of life

The creation of words breathing life like the poetry of biblical books

From sand to flesh

I refuse to reject the wisdom of my Mayan cousins

Building progressive temple steps

Mathematical stairways into dying stars predicting universal calculations

Enlightened minds ahead of their time

Native to the circle of Indians before America

I wear the war paint of acceptance, against the battle of judgment

The last stand

The feather of an eagle remembers Adobe Life, Apache Fight, and a Navajo who soared with the strength of hope

Ancient heritage stretches across seas to pink palms and black hands sowing seeds of life from the motherland

With beautiful kings and queens

Without retribution

Without separation by skin of light and dark hues

I do not care how much melanin you do, or don’t have

Our hearts pump the same color

I see you, as my brother

You, as my sister

Family through the human genome

DNA intertwines ancestral bloodlines, please read the fine print

The origin inscribed on your double helix

I see us as a family that needs to work together as one team

A team that’s strong with no seam

No stitch

Held together by a flawless bond

Diverse, but with equality

Because despite my height, my ethnicity and the language that I speak

 I see you--eye to eye

© 2012 Lalli

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Added on August 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 24, 2012
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Phoenix, AZ

It takes one voice, one passion, and one heart to create a positive existence in anothers life Lalli is an awareness/performance poet in Phoenix, AZ with a unique creative use of off-.. more..

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A Poem by Lalli