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A Story by Eowyn Doyle

Second-person pov. Sci-fi/horror short story


Adrenalin floods through your body as you run. You glance back over your shoulder hoping that you had escaped but the black van is still there not twenty feet behind you. Its bright headlights illuminate the narrow alleyway around you, the roar of its engine filling your ears.

You turn down a side alley but skid to a stop as panic and dread fills you, drowning you in its crushing weight. A second van, also pitch black, is waiting. Its headlights turn on as the engine comes to life and you are temporally blinded.

Spinning around, you try to head the other way, but the first van has blocked the way out. You are trapped. 

"Gah!” You sit bolt upright, heart pounding and senses on high alert but you relax a second later. You are on the couch in your house, safe. It was just a dream. A clock ticks to your left. You look over and see it reads 4:38.

4:38 in the morning or afternoon? You wonder as you slide off the couch. You are in the basement, so no windows, but ahead of you is a turquoise carpeted staircase leading up to an open door. Stretching, muscles sore from what must have been a long nap; you walk over to the stairs and ascend them.

Now through the door, you see golden light stream into the small living room by the way of two four by five window, on either side of the dark red front door. It is the afternoon. How long was I asleep? You wonder. You don’t remember falling asleep, but you must have.

“Mom! Dad!” You call out, but there is now answer. They must be at work. You decide, but you then hear voices coming from the hallway to your right. It is the hall that leads to the bedrooms. You pad across the dark wood paneled floors towards them when a strange sensation begins to fill you.

It is the sensation of weightlessness and the tan walls of the house began to twist and change around you, fading away into white nothingness.

Fire flows through your veins burning you from the inside out. You try to scream but no sound comes out. The heart inside your chest pounds so hard it feels like it will burst. A white room comes in focus around you as the flames inside finally begin to subside. A bright light that stabs at your retinas shines into your eyes.

“How much was that?” A voice, flat and unemotional, flows into your ears sounding unfocused as if coming through a radio from a great distance away.

“Five ccs.” A second voice replies, also flat and distant sounding, and something clatters loudly behind you.

“Next time we try six. This has to work; we are so close.” A needle pierces the tender skin of the inside of your left arm and the world goes black.

Breath escapes your lungs in quick pants as you find yourself on the floor of the hallway, back in your house. What is going on? You wonder, heart still racing from the strange, horrible vision or dream you just had. You skin is cool and clammy as you wipe the away the sweat that is beginning to form on your brow.

Shakily you pick yourself off the floor. You rest, leaning against the wall for a few minutes, attempting to slow your pounding heart and catch your breath. Fear, dread, panic, and confusion swirls through you as stumble your way towards the voices.

Wobbling, you enter your parent’s room where the voices are the loudest. Across the room, behind the bed, you see and open window with to people standing outside. It’s your parents!

“Mom! Dad!” You call again, but once more, you get no answer. Why can’t they hear me? “Mom! Da-“

You fall next to the bed, feeling the oncoming vision. The room twists and blurs, white smoke filling the edge of your vision.

In the seconds before the swirling over takes you, you see a clear box filled with what looks like newspaper clippings under the bed. Your picture is on them with the word MISSING printed over it in huge letters. The last thing you see before you the white fills your vision is the date on the papers: 7/7/10.


“Subject Five it awake.” A familiar voice says and you jolt awake, your brain fuzzy and unfocused. “The test looks to have been a success.”

You attempt to bring your hands up to your head, but something stops you almost immediately and you look down at your body. You are wearing a long white gown and thick white straps pin your arms and legs to the cold table on which you lay.

Adrenalin and panic rushing through you, you look wildly around at the white walled room and your eyes settle on a clock on the wall to you left. It was the type of digital clock that had not only the time but also the date on it.

No, no, no no no no no! Tears fill your eyes as you stare at the date. 2/16/17. You went missing almost seven years ago. “No.” You whisper quietly to yourself, your voice cracking with emotion. It had been seven years; no one would be looking for you now.

“Ah, yes. Subject Five.” You tear your eyes away from the clock and they land on a man in his late thirties wearing a white lab coat. The bottom half of his face is covered with a mask and his gloved hands hold a syringe filled with a clear liquid with whitish streaks. “It looks like the last test has been a complete success. Your services are no longer needed.”

He steps beside you and- as you watch in horror- plunges the needle into your arm. It burns for a second, but then a sense of peace spreads throughout your body, numbing it and sweeping away any worries and care that you had had. 

Black liquid rises along the edges of your sight but you aren’t afraid as your breathing slows and heart quiets.

“Termination of Subject Five is complete.” These last few words drift into your ears sounding like whispers from a distance and darkness swallows you forever.

© 2017 Eowyn Doyle

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Wow I like this intense short story. Feeling of hopelessness and also dread as he realizes what is going on. A little bit like Jacobs Ladder with not knowing what is real for a moment. Good one :-)

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Posted 3 Months Ago

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Your way with diciton, and the language style (syntax) you have conveys a sense of intrigue and entrapment. Second person POV was a good choice to limit the information to your reader. This is a good one-off, keep it up! =)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Months Ago

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Added on October 4, 2017
Last Updated on November 13, 2017
Tags: science fiction, second person pov, short story, missing, experimentation, horror


Eowyn Doyle
Eowyn Doyle

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