The Waiting Room of Dr. Saigon (Death Incarnate)

The Waiting Room of Dr. Saigon (Death Incarnate)

A Story by T.L. Ray

A story told in slides as if watching a film. A story of intrigue and pain of life and death

Slide 1: The lone assassin enters the room 9 mm in hand.  His eyes are cold and drained of human quality.  The killer is clean cut wearing a green sweater with khakis and round sunglasses.  The man sitting across from him is fair skinned with long black hair and a 70's style porno stache.  He is gagged and bound to a old rocking chair with a red brown finish.  The room is small and smells of whiskey and cigar smoke.

Slide 2:  The assassin introduces himself, " call me Dr. Saigon, i'm the man who is gonna take your life".  Panicked screams flood from under the gag ball as the victim struggles but to no avail.  Dr. Saigon slowly speaks " i'm going to remove your gag so we can talk about why you are going to die".  He removes the gag and says, " hello Mark".  Mark angrily shouts " you cant do this, this is f*****g illegal you swine".  Saigon looks disappointed, " now Mark, I was really hoping to have a meaningful conversation about this predicament.  You see that you have put yourself in this situation don't you.  This is your fault not mine.  I tried to help you Mark."  Mark frantically struggles screaming unintelligible statements.

Slide 3:  Mark slows his breathing, he thinks " where am I, how did I get here, how do I escape?" .  As he thinks he surveys the room.  In it there are two doors on either side one is rusted while the other appears to be new and made of wood.  Also in the room their is Dr. Saigon and a broken clock on the wall in between the doors.  The floor appears to be hard wood with cracks on the edges.  The walls are made of brick and seem to be deteriorating.  

Slide 4:  Dr. Saigon asks Mark " do you know why we are here", Mark replies " I have no f*****g idea man, I didn't do anything I swear to God man, I swear".  Saigon looks solemn, " you have made your bed Mark".  Mark is confused and helpless.  The sound of a screeching train overcomes the small room, as if they were in a train station standing by the tracks.  A sole tear drops from Saigon's eye.  Hours pass, maybe days no words are exchanged.

Slide 5: Mark falls tired and his eyelids crash down, when he wakes he finds that Saigon is gone.  Mark thinks about his life, he thinks about his daughter who he never sees, he thinks about his wife who hates him, he thinks about his bank account and his retirement that he will never use, he thinks about how lonely he feels.  Mark weeps for himself but also for his family.  Suddenly he has an epiphany.

Slide 6: It all comes back to him, the pain, the violence, the end.  Marks eyes grow wide and burn from the tears and sweat flooding his pores.  Mark understands, he is not satisfied, but he does understand.  Suddenly the ropes around his arms and feet dissolve the room falls dark.  There is a knock on the wooden door but it is faint.  A loud boisterous thud surrounds the rusted door, it appears someone is trying to open it but with no success thus far.  

Slide 7:  The room is empty Mark is gone.  The lone assassin enters the room.  Enter death.

© 2017 T.L. Ray

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T.L. Ray
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very fast paced. I was interested all the way through. Perhaps on the words used and using active voice (Passive is bad.) All in all a great read!

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on December 5, 2017
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T.L. Ray
T.L. Ray

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