There Were Times

There Were Times

A Poem by Roy Lennic

Thinking about the good old days. The days when the heavens and the grounds danced together with love. The days when life was undeniable beautiful.


There were times when we hoped, and things came through. There were times when we believed, and miracles happened. 

There were times when our lovers would go to war, and come back to find us untouched, virgin once more and empty again- beseeching the long gone affection. 

There were times when poems addressed upon the way of life, and more importantly, defined it. 

There were times when storytelling was a delightful entertainment, as it sucked up the thrilling moments �" pumping the mind to wander across all ages �" just to find the seeds of hope, salvation, peace, kindness, and love.

There were times when we didn’t have to speak, because those close to us, saw what lay in the depths of our hearts. There were times when knowledge was equally shared. One mind, one soul. 

There were times when we would cry, and not because we had been hurt or felt any pain, but because we had been selflessly loved. And gained. We would cry tears of joy.

There were times when silence meant souls conversing with each other, and minds debating. 

There were times when leaders were born, and not made from failed heroes. 

There were times when time was not a tornado or freaky storms, but just dust in the wind.
There were times when we lived to embrace each other �" touch ones soul, quench a neighbour’s thirst, light a friend’s heart, and not economically or politically self adjustably taken to what we found fit for our lonely souls.

  There were times when love was not courtship and marriage. Love was a selfless deed that stood irrespective of the grounds that we stood on; irrespective of the faces that we chose to conjunct with; irrespective of how much we were supposed to give. 

There were times when paradise wasn’t figuratively spoken, but was lived and seen. It was a wondrous infinity that was witnessed.

There were times when love wasn’t just an “on and off” thing, but a one way path. Though crooked and harsh, people triumphed to die with their lips saying “i love you” to each others soul, as they patiently waited to hold each others hearts once more in the afterlife.

© 2018 Roy Lennic

Author's Note

Roy Lennic
There were times when we all rejoiced to what we call art. If we choose to relive those moments and be those of warm hearts, then we have to start with what is in our hands.

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So nice. There were times when we were thinking everything is beautiful around of us. Than were times when clouds envelope these beautiful moments. Now we have the present, what we do, it depends only on us.L.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Roy Lennic

1 Year Ago

Yeah that's true
I like what you're trying to do. The sentiments are real and provocative. But I think the repetition of "there were times" takes away from the beauty of the imagery you have going. Just a thought! Overall, well done!

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Roy Lennic

1 Year Ago

Im really happy for the fact you reviewed my poem critically. thank you very much. I will put into c.. read more

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Added on January 5, 2018
Last Updated on January 5, 2018
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Roy Lennic
Roy Lennic

Malindi, Coast, Kenya

I'm just a guy of substance limited to a certain place, such that my thoughts are the only thing to express. more..

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