My paralysed sleep

My paralysed sleep

A Poem by Lenny Hart

To be paralysed within my sleep.
It's no secret I wish to keep.
I get a pulse surging through my head.
As I start to nod off in my bed .
I can hear it happen , although it makes no sound.
But it's there that awful surge going round and round.
Then it all starts , my body stops moving.
It scares me , I've learned to relax and think of something soothing.
If I don't relax this paralysed state would never leave.
My body inside so dead and heavy even I can't heave .
Relax !!!! relax then try to move , the slightest thing that's all it will take.
A flicker of an eyelid will allow me wake.
I try once more to chill myself out .
Relax , then ill be free to move ,I have no doubt.
Along side is a paranoid feeling something is standing over me .
Am I paralysed by this something, so I can not flee .
There is something else that lives amongst us I do believe .
I've felt but never seen , go away just leave.
Trapped within my body ,paralysed with a feeling of dread .
This thing stands in the shadows , it paralyses  me does it want me dead.
Lenny Hart 22/3/17

© 2017 Lenny Hart

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Added on March 22, 2017
Last Updated on March 22, 2017