The Critics

The Critics

A Poem by Lesley Wood

The critics have bulging eyes, wide open mouths and wagging tongues.


The critics have bulging eyes,
wide open mouths,
and wagging tongues.

Pink fingers pointing,
heads shaking,
They condemn me.

They judge and point and yell and offer
This way no that
You are doing it all wrong
What is wrong with YOU?


Political meanness and mud slinging
Upraised noses and rolling eyes
Heaving sighs

Oh, what now? Can't do anything right?

There is no judgement of you.
I forgive all you do.
I see plastic smiles and faces.
I hear the vacuum silence between
Your brain spaces.

I am peace
I am love
Birdies twitter in my earlobes
Warm sands squish between bare toes
I hear Ocean waves roaring against a distant shore

Oh, what is that?
So and so did this or that?
How appalling or becoming!

Oh, please eat your hat.

© 2018 Lesley Wood

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Added on May 22, 2012
Last Updated on December 31, 2018
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Lesley Wood
Lesley Wood

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