A Poem by Leviathus Fortes

How can I forget that feeling
It's as of time has frozen those moments in my memory

So much to try and understand
I think we shared the same spirit

Few words had to be spoken between us
All it took was a glance

We both knew what it meant

Why we met at this point in our lives
We may never find those answers
Yet the feelings were mutual

Go on, shall we, toward different futures
Will we ever cross paths again
A repeat of those moments
Or simply live on in each other's minds

Perhaps one, or both of us, shall forget the other

Is the hope that even if we forget or simply lock away those moments, that the emotion shared are kept always

Reflections of one another, wisdom, learning

We may not go on together, but still we shall take that person with us

Will either seek to find the other, further down the road

Did they truly mean something to each other at all
Or was it, for one perfect period between them, something that will never be again

Time frozen, like a clock that has ceased to count

Shared hearts, engaged minds
What did each gain from this
And if given the choice, would they do it all over again

Go back to that time
Relive everything good, everything bad

Two sides that cannot exist without the other
Or will only one remember as the other moves on
Ignoring, forgetting , the past

Maybe both have pondered this question about the other

© 2015 Leviathus Fortes

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Added on January 22, 2015
Last Updated on January 22, 2015
Tags: Reflections


Leviathus Fortes
Leviathus Fortes


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A Poem by Leviathus Fortes