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Fragments of imagination.

Fragments of imagination.

A Poem by Lehlohonolo Lichaba

When its all gone and whats left is only the fragments of good times.

I look back and remember when we first met, no expectations just the rush not thinking of what we would get,
with clararity I can almost remember everything you said, from don't leave me to stay with me and I was happy and glad.
I thought here I found the one who was supposed to be flash of my flash , the exitment when your lips crashed on my bare flash .
Had no idea it would be my heart you would go for and slash.
I take a mirrow look at the old us , when i was with you time stoped reality froze like looking at my broken gold watch. Like a pimple you were part of me , being with you gave me such a rush.
Time past, I saw love and lust, and questions were asked.


If it wasnt for the dime in my pocket would you still feel the same?
call me your only one, would i still be the reason you remain sane?
Or would you clear like a mist on a new day let it all crumble and be on your way?
Would you share the litle I have ? the bread crus I serve?
Are you that somebody who doesnt need much? Somebody who isnt in a rush
If I showed you all the bones in my closet , told you its not that I like to wink a lot that my eye is actualy crooked. Would you still smile and say im still the one you like to look at?
Would you give up the left side and share the back seat with me?
In a sea lose sight around many sharks and only see me?
What do you see when you look at me , do you see past my skin pierce through my flash and look straight to my heart? Or was this just a test that I have already failed from the start?

You said YESSS

you wanted all of me and not anything lesss .
But now we at the blink of disaster, where you got me feeling like an imposter
Everything so vivid and blare exept signs of danger ,every word I breath yields not smile but anger
Every word I speak mould doubt , bad taste in your mouth.
Like a volcano mountain every word I speak can set it off and erupt,
Throw me to the wolfs with no conscious hoping ill adapt
Now we like strangers, trying to fix something which was never there from the start..
A pile of wood, on a cold night no chemistry, all we needed was a spark.
Pride has become ashield in which you reside in , pushing me away is antoxicating to you , and now you an addict. Used to be a tenent in you heart now its me you going to evict.
Time pass, people grow apart, gues this is your stop, where 2 souls depart.
No need for goodbye but if you wake up and find me no more im sending my regards.

© 2016 Lehlohonolo Lichaba

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Added on January 13, 2016
Last Updated on January 13, 2016


Lehlohonolo  Lichaba
Lehlohonolo Lichaba

bloemfontein, free state, South Africa

like exploring and experimenting, I believe that even though there is a saying that curiosity kills a can I believe curiosity stimulates mind and encourage learning more..