Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

A Chapter by LilMissWriter17

Florence wakes up in hospital. Is she in labor? Is she ill?

Chapter Seven; 

When I awoke once again, I was immediately surprised by my surroundings, I found myself laying stiffly on my back on a hard and uncomfortable hospital bed.
I tried to figure out in my head what the hell I was doing here, and instantly came to the conclusion that I was in labour, which I also knew wasn’t good.
At all.

I wasn’t even four months gone, I worried and my breathing began to speed up dramatically. ’Help!’ I managed to squeeze out, ’Help!’ 
I was loosing air, and I couldn’t breathe, I was literally wheezing as I spoke.

Then suddenly, a loud and abrupt voice shouted, ’Nurse! Nurse!’ Hysterically.
 ‘Florence, can you hear me?’
‘Uh…’ My eyes tried to open again, adjusting to the bright room. ‘What…’ I managed to say weakly, ‘What’s going on?’ I rubbed my eyes, feeling how heavy my arms were to lift.
‘Florence, you okay honey?’ My mothers voice was unmistakeably recognisable.
‘Yeah honey, I’m here.’ She smiled at me, she looked as white as a ghost, any whiter and she would literally be one.
‘What….’ I asked again.
‘You passed out Florence, you’ve been in a coma.’
‘A coma?’ I echoed. ‘Why? What…’ I sighed, because I realised I didn’t have the strength to speak any longer.
‘Don’t worry, you’ll know everything that happened in a while, but now you need to rest. You must be exhausted.’
I didn’t answer, because I didn’t know what to say. 
‘Is she going to be okay nurse?’ My mother asked.
‘She’ll be fine, we just need to get her strength up.’ The nurse said, in a comforting tone.
‘How long?’ I asked, trying to pull myself up to sit up.
‘Honey now don’t-’
‘I’m fine.’ I told her, pulled myself to sit up, and then sighed with tiredness. ‘How long?’ I asked again, my eyes drooping.
‘A week or two.’
‘Two weeks?!’ My eyes suddenly widened with shock, ‘How? Why?’
‘You might not remember, but you were shouting? For someone?’
‘I don’t remember anything.’ I frowned, putting my head back.
‘You will darling, you will. But you need to rest.’
‘I don’t want to rest! I’ve had enough of resting!’ 
‘Florence?’ A young doctor pushed open the door, and smiled at me. ‘How are we today then?’ He said, smiling his glorious smile as he approached me.
‘I’m-…’ I was lost for words, literally. He was the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen! 

His eyes were so beautifully soft, a sea blue colour, and his hair was a deliciously dark brown, gelled but still looked elegantly soft. I just wanted to reach out and-
‘Florence?’ He said again, waiting for my response that had been….interrupted by my own thoughts. What an idiot.
‘I’m okay, thanks…’  I adjusted myself in my bed, wishing that I didn’t look so crap.
Florence for goodness sake! He’s a doctor he’s seen more crappy people than anyone!!! My thoughts began to take over, and I really wanted to tell them to SHUT UP.
‘You look a little out of it still….maybe we should increase the fluids.’
‘I am still very tired.’ I said, performing a fake yawn. 
‘Do you feel like you need to eat something maybe?’ He looked at me, actually…looked at me, with his eyes…gleaming.
‘U-uh...yeah! Yes, yes maybe.’ I quickly said, ‘Please.’ I added, trying not look anymore of an idiot.
The doctor smiled, grinned actually, showing his perfectly straight and white teeth. 
Wow, I thought. Just wow.
‘I’ll go get you some sandwiches yeah?’ Mum quickly asked.
‘That would be good, thank you Mrs Bridge.’ The doctor smiled, somehow prompting her to leave the room. My stomach decidedly twisted and turned, realising…
We’d be alone in the room. 
Oh god.

‘So Florence, you have no memories before you passed out?’ He asked, his voice a more serious tone now.
‘Yeah, I think I might have had a dream…but I can’t really remember what happened.’
‘So, you had a dream…and something might of triggered your panic?’
I nodded, ‘Mum said I was shouting and screaming for her and Dad…’
‘Yes that’s right, and when they found you, you had passed out.’
I nodded, ‘How long after did they bring me here?’
‘Well you slept for another six hours, but they noticed your head…you must of banged it.’ He explained, pottering about with some doctors equipment, and then he finally removed the stethoscope from his neck.  ‘I’m just going to check you over.’ The doctor informed me, ‘I couldn’t do it properly when you were sleeping.’ He said, and then smiled gloriously, again.
‘Aha.’ I answered dreamily, but seriously, there was nothing else I could say.
He played the stethoscope ear pieces into his ears, and then placed the metal part onto my stomach, uncovering with his soft hands.

‘Your heartbeat is a little high, do you still feel panicky?’
‘No, I’m just very surprised.’ I opened my eyes wide, because they were still trying to send me back to sleep.
‘Of course, that’s normal.’ He said reassuringly, ‘Okay we’ll we’re get you something to eat, and maybe that’ll get your energy up. You should be home again in a couple of days.’ 

‘Okay.’ I added, ‘Um, doctor?’ 
‘Yes? And please call me Jake.’ 
‘Jake.’ I smiled at him, less nervous now. ‘Um, is my baby okay?’
‘Everything seems fine, there was no harm to the baby at all.’ He looked at me with a warm expression.
‘Thank you.’ I smiled.
‘Not a problem.’ He answered, ‘I’ll be back in a while okay?’
I nodded, then watched as he left the room.
Mum came hurrying back with my sandwiches which I ate easily, and then I drifted back to sleep again, though I tried so hard to stay awake.

It was quiet and a little dark when I woke up later, so I figured that it was now evening.
My room was only lit by one small light, and although there were plenty of ‘get well soon’ cards and flowers, my mother was no where to be seen.

My throat was dry, and burning, I needed something to drink. To my delight, there was a small but full bottle of water on the side table, but as I tried to reach over to it, I nearly fell out of bed. 
‘Hey, let me get that.’ A woman suddenly opened the door to my room, and rushed in, she was so quick to move, I couldn’t see her face.
‘There you go.’ She passed it to me, and smiled.
‘Sarah?’ My eyes widened. ‘What are you doing here!’ I exclaimed, then swallowed because I felt unbelievably shocked and guilty.
This wasn’t good.

‘Well I heard about you being in here, and well you haven’t contacted me in so long!’
‘Oh god Sarah, I’m so sorry! I’ve just been so busy, and there’s so much happening-’ I babbled, then paused to cough.
‘Its okay, you don’t need to explain. Drink the water.’ 
I drank the water, and it soothed my throat. ‘I’m just really sorry.’
‘I told you, it’s okay.’
‘Did you find Steph?’
Sarah shook her head, with a saddened expression. ‘No, but I will.’ 
‘Sarah, I promise as soon as I’m out of here…’ I trailed off.
She grabbed my hand and smiled, pulling up a chair next to me. ‘Sweetheart, don’t worry. I’ve got it sorted.’
‘But I will help Sarah, I’m in involved now…’
‘If you want to help then okay, but you really don’t have to.’
‘Okay.’ I smiled, ‘You really shouldn’t be here…’
‘The police, I know.’ She said, her eyes gleaming. ‘They think this was all my idea, or something. I don’t know.’ 
I swallowed roughly again, ‘Sarah, I am still helping with the investigation…’ 
‘Oh I know.’
I smiled, then I added, ‘I didn’t know you had a sister…’
Sarah laughed, then looked up at me, ‘I don’t have a sister…’
‘You do.’ I said, ‘Scarlett isn’t it?’
Sarah shook her head, looking a little scared.
‘What!’ I gasped, ‘You don’t have a sister?’
‘Well, um..’ I bit my lip, knowing that this would not turn out well. ‘I was working at the station, Rebecca she told me to call some relatives…friends of yours-’
‘And what!?’
‘I thought I called your sister, Scarlett Howell?’
‘Oh s**t Florence! That wasn’t my sister, I don’t have a sister!’
‘Who was it?’
‘I have no idea, but if you gave any details-’
‘I just said my name, and just asked about you-’
‘That’s enough.’ Sarah said quietly, ‘I think their after you as well.’
‘What do you mean ‘after me’?’
‘They obviously know I’m trying to find Steph, and they know you’re helping me..’
‘I’m not helping you, you just told me all about it.’

Sarah pulled a face, ‘Again, that’s enough Florence…’ She told me, ‘S**t, right I’ve got to go. I’ll be back later. Call me if anyone dodgy turns up.’ She quickly passed me a piece of ripped paper.
‘But Sarah-’
‘Just please, stay here and stay safe.’
‘I can’t go anywhere else at the minute.’
‘You know what I mean Florence, bye.’ Sarah rushed out of my room, without even a chance for me to say bye.
I was utterly confused, wishing that somehow I wasn’t involved with the whole situation but I was, and I couldn’t change it. 
I had far too much to worry about, and now this on top, I had no idea what to think or do.

© 2011 LilMissWriter17

Author's Note

May be typos. This chapter isn't edited. Enjoy :)

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Freking amazing you make me want to read more and more keep writing girl! :) I love it and the stopry you are truley gifted!!!!!

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