Lady of the Asylum

Lady of the Asylum

A Poem by LinBin

I used to work in a Forensic Mental Health Hospital....this is just one true story of many I came across x


I walk the ward in trepidation, not knowing what I'll find, So many questions swirling in my ever curious mind.

You are sitting in the dayroom, reading bible verse out loud ,You are eloquent of speech and to this observer, proud.

I approach you at your calling; I sit obediently by your side, You tell me to listen carefully to the book that never lied.

I listen intently to your voice, which reverberates with glee, You ask me what I believe in, what faith means to me.

I tell you that I believe in love, that this is the only faith I serve,I sense your agitation; I can tell my words have hit a nerve.

"God is love", you tell me, "He is who you should bow to and adore,Our father who art in heaven, the one I'm in here for”

I must have looked very confused, as you begin to laugh at me, You tell me that I should open my mind, so that I can truly see.

You tell me you have three children, 2 lovely girls and an adorable boy, They live with their daddy quite happily; they are your pride and joy.

I ask you if you ever see them, do they know why you are here? You nod at me quite slowly and say "of course they do my dear"

"My children are with their father in heaven, they are happy as I've said, The only way to save them my dear was to ensure that they were dead”

My mouth opened slightly as if to speak, but I couldn't utter a sound, “They went to sleep peacefully’ she said ‘’like angels heaven bound".

I listened in silence as you told me of the holy pillow you held in your hand, “It was a sign from God you see, I had to do it, you must understand?"

“I sent the children to their daddy, away from the sins of this earth, The pillow took them home you see, they're death was their rebirth"


A ward full of lost souls, women who committed crimes few of us can comprehend, Minds ravaged with a distortion of reality; that for some, are too broken to mend!




© 2014 LinBin

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BRRR... sent a shiver up my spine. but very nicely penned. kudos to you.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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the print is a bit small for my useless eyes sadly, I think its a good un

Posted 4 Years Ago

That was f*****g brilliant. "Dark humor" probably wasn't what you were going for, but I admit I smirked while reading this. It starts off so innocent and naive, and suddenly it goes right for the jugular, like an animal pretending to be wounded. Rock on.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Oh my goodness, what a tragic, awful story's held in this poem! The reader gasped as the truth drifted then darted from a disturbed mind warped with the cruel misconstruction of right and wrong.

I can't comment about the quality of your writing because its overshadowed by the theme; hand on heart, I salute you and those like you who give or gave care to people living in a sort of black mind hell.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This one is felt more than words 'you see' :D I'm an admirer about this piece of art from you! Great write!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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A Poem by LinBin

Rest In Peace Rest In Peace

A Poem by LinBin

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