A Poem by LivingDeath

I got a heart that's made of fire
But I feel a poltergiste,
Is made of hidden shadows
Breathing shards against the ice;
I've been ridden with decision
Do I wanna save my life,
Do I wanna follow footsteps
That have put me in this strife;

I'm forbidden and I'm barred
Find my strength within my scars,
All the things that haven't killed me
Write the chapters now so far;
So I'll leave another card
Fighting wars within my guard,
My illusions your confusion
Though solutions aren't that hard;

Just believe and you will see
Memories are just a tease,
If you live for all the moments
That you see in all your dreams;
Maybe than you'll learn to breathe
As I yearn for history,
But I'd burn my turn-if it would earn
Your smile to be free;

I would run a million miles
And could love u through the trials,
But the test is in the answer
There's no hope within denial;
Like my soul has been defiled
I should choke yet Ill just smile,
Cause the jokes is that I trust
That this life must be worth while;


In these dreams I feel a nightmare
It's obscene to me that I care,
But I'm holding up this kerosene
Embarrass me to be sparred;
I won't be scared-if I'm prepared
Set ablaze the days we shared,
If you save me or forsake me
In the end will you still be there;

Would you be my favourite song
Would you be my 82,
Would you wanna play me louder
Or just lose me like you do;
I know life at 23
Isn't what you gotta choose,
Everybody's gonna hate you
It's just how you let it bruise;

Would you wanna keep on climbing
Should it be to steep you're sliding,
I don't care - If I dare
If I fall than I'll be flying;
Through the seas that you're denying
In your eyes I'm slowly dying,
I'll be crying on the sidelines
Still defying while I'm trying;

Are you lying when you say
Everything will be okay,
When I'm hiding what's describing
What the f**k goes through my brain;
It's insane but I'll refrain
Test my luck to find my ways,
If you wanna best my demons
Just confess that you don't pray;


I know my voice is silent
But it's my choice to be defiant,
I'll rejoice in what could hurt me
If you burn me I'll be violent;
I'll be beating all the odds
In my mind I am a tyrant,
I'll be meeting all these giants
Like I'm David and Goliath;

Can you find it in yourself
To unbind the beast you helped,
Would you let it follow blindly
Playing cards it wasn't dealt;
Slaying hearts you never felt
As you watch them start to melt,
I'll be praying in the dark
Saying mark me on your belt;

I'll just be another victim
Watch me bleed within the system,
I'd be free if I could see
If we'd leave this contradiction;
I can't breathe in this condition
I can't leave this disposition,
So I'll seize what's in the breeze
It's a tease but I'm still wishing;

That we'd find a better day
Getting lost inside the rain,
When we're dancing and I'm glancing
In your eyes to take the pain;
I'll just hum a simple melody
To the one who's on my brain,
It's insane that I'm so sinful
With an angel on my name;


© 2016 LivingDeath

Solemnly Swear
An action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation.

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Find your strength within your scars...if I fall, i'll be flying then the line about dying. Sadness I get from this write. Valentine

Posted 1 Year Ago

A strong piece, the framework and rhyme are well kept through out the work. The imagery is well played and the words dance in twists of meaning, the story unfolds as undeniable as the sea crashes against the rocks and sand, so the subtle sharpness of each line cuts a little more.
Truly enjoyable in its complexities.

Posted 1 Year Ago

wow. this is really really good. you conveyed your story powerfully and also you have some serious rhyming skills.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Amazing story and description in your words.
That we'd find a better day
Getting lost inside the rain,
"When we're dancing and I'm glancing
In your eyes to take the pain;
I'll just hum a simple melody
To the one who's on my brain,
It's insane that I'm so sinful
With an angel on my name; "
The above lines. Haunting thoughts and true. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on April 18, 2016
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A Poem by LivingDeath

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