I'm Back

I'm Back

A Poem by Brian F. Lockard

The Words are what keep me sane


Let’s see…

If the words still come to me…

A minute passes,

Then another

I’ve neglected them…

Turned from their warm embrace

Absence of the womb, one finds

In the frigid abyss of the chase

The pursuit of…


Mundane careers, hollow relationships

Yes, here are my tears…

For the state of the world, only sane men weep

Elections of madmen…

To the same powerless seat

Another jagged stream down my cheek…

Such rapidity of succession!

And still the lies outpace the misery

What misery?

What lies?

To my “teachers,” to my “superiors”

I say goodbye

There is only one path to walk

Only one mentor for me to listen...

One who has never lied

Who has never caused me misery

Only optimism, a flame to warm my hands

Against the gelidity of a consumerist age,

the authenticity

of the majority’s stupidity,

Who willfully drink the blood of leeches,

the elixir granting strength of diversity,


(We all drink from separate wells)

For a month, I ignored the thirst

Sipped from the bottle of yore

A leopard…

And his eternal sores

Children thrive off milk

Kittens, pups, small mammals

Nourished, saturated

Dr. Levine hands them the last lollipop

“Something sweet,” he says

“The healthier you are, the more bitter you will become

Notice that the dimmer you are,

The more insensitive you are,

Fewer scars fade along your wrists.”

But I am merely a gentile

What do I know of suffering?

Of fanatical zeal?

Father died long ago,

And the wounds in his palms have yet to heal…


Dr. Levine writes your prescriptions

His brother delivers your news

His cousin is your favorite actress

They wait outside the gates…

You have your fun,

your ups, downs, loops, and cotton candy

Soon, your knees are raw

Your arms ache from their position of supplication

The rides aren’t worth the money

You long for the wreck on the highway

Where the squeals of thrill,

Turn to cries of horror

And still, one chooses to swallow this pill

Because the truth, my friends



© 2018 Brian F. Lockard

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A lot said in the poetry and you left the reader with some wisdom. Thank you Brian for sharing your words and your thoughts.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Added on February 25, 2018
Last Updated on February 25, 2018
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