In your head

In your head

A Story by Long Whispers

Ever reckoned how much of your time do you give to alone contemplation? What amount of data your brain processes when you are all by yourself? Or are you always surrounded with people & think in groups, but hardly otherwise?

I believe some of the greatest thoughts come when you have less to do with other fellow humans & more to do with yourself. Empty your mind. Make space there by eliminating the gibberish so that little wonders pave its way to you. Just sit alone for an hour or two with nothing around. No humans. No technology. Just you & your mind. And let the magic flow inside you.

You will see for yourself how your brain weaves amazing matter, taking one strand of wool to another planet, from there to another universe & then to the other galaxies. Travel around while being in one room. Look at the connections from one thought to another. Feel them. And live them.

Do you see how this little organ inside your head is capable of so much? It takes you to places. Teleports you from your present to your past & at times to the future too. Isn’t that amazing? Are you thankful to God yet or you wish to test more of it? Then go ahead, think more. Think about all the things that make your life a miracle. How little things around you have the power to send you to euphoria. Think about that one person whose black & white images when chime in, give you butterflies in stomach & your heart shivers a little. Think about everything. The pain. The guilt. The heart break.

No, don’t miss out the nature. Think about it, extensively. The shooting stars. The stars that vanish in deep space. Think about how the sun rise makes you feel, when it has rained the previous day, and the left over clouds are still there waiting for the sun to color them pink. And when the tiny portion of sun comes out, not only it colors the blue sky, pink & purple, but also spreads the warmth of love that aims straight to the hearts of the observers.

Keep thinking about everything that makes you feel alive. Anything that brings you closer to your existence. But do it alone. Very alone. Make it a habit. Feel the power you hold in your skull. Then love yourself for it. And make the best out of it.

© 2017 Long Whispers

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I just loved it, It's all true, indeed our mind gather some outstanding ideas when we are alone, loneliness can also be the helpful thing for mind do whispers kind words but sometimes their ideas are terrible😈..good job

Posted 1 Year Ago

I really liked what you have written. I do enjoy being alone all by myself and many thoughts arise in my mind and those little whispers of my heart and mind completes me. I thank you so much for weaving those solacing moments to words...

Posted 1 Year Ago

when ou are alone you can listen to that small voice with in yourself that helps to guide you

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Long Whispers
Long Whispers


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