How To Forgive (without pictures): ):

How To Forgive (without pictures): ):

A Poem by Lucia

Based this off of a wiki-how article on how to forgive. It's pretty aggressive a poem so please don't be too offended by it, I'm mostly just venting here... it's good to vent.. guess that's step 3 lol


Step One: Realize that anger could become harmful. Never mind that anger has strangled your heart beyond recognition, the welt of that heavy hand leaving behind incomprehensible red strands like play dough extruded from a terrifying mold. And worse yet- just the product of someone else’s play time. Gather your stringent doughy mess and trudge onward reminding yourself always “anger could become harmful”.

Step Two: Choose to forgive. Take complete and total control of all cognitive functions at once and rewire your brain to submit forgive the one that programmed you this way with the tools you never had the chance to form.

Step Three: Release your anger. Only you’re not allowed to hurt anyone. Let go of all negative emotions and watch them evaporate as you slowly block out the pain and dissociate yourself from this reality. A reality in which you might harm someone as much as you have been harmed- you cannot hurt anyone, or yourself, or anything, not out here, not when you’re floating through space a lifeless and utterly harmless objec- “ARE YOU SERIOUS? DID YOU EVEN HEAR ANYTHING I JUST SAID? UGH, IT’S OKAY I GUESS, JUST… DAMN.”

Step Four: Maintain Perspective.

© 2017 Lucia

Author's Note

I dunno, does it come off as childish and melodramatic? Kind of unlikable?

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Added on December 31, 2017
Last Updated on December 31, 2017
Tags: emotional abuse, abuse, anger, angry, venting, wiki-how



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b***h. b***h.

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