The Gloaming...

The Gloaming...

A Poem by Lucifer Jones

my ramblings...

     I sit... the darkness weighing my cold shoulders. Steam rising from the cup that trembles in my hand. Drifting dreams on a familiar, sweet aroma. It's a good thing I'm sitting, my legs, exhausted, are shaking and I know I can't stand. I stare into the darkness and wait. I await light to creep into this darkness and cast rays to the corners now cold and black. I await you. Your smile and eyes to shine and spin the shadows I so love. Penetrating the blackness and bathing everything in warm amber hues... Flashes of blue so deep. Lace of gold at every edge... A hazy welcoming vision... The feeling of a clinging embrace, as I view your glow thrusting into the dark. Everything just a bit out of focus, yet clear as crystal to the soul. The gloaming. The beginning and the end of every day. MY magic hour. Your face.
     I tried to put it all on paper last night. The torments and the questions why. But as I returned to my well this night, I found my well has run dry. How can that be? It fills with the tears I cry. I have been filled with sorrows I will take to my grave. But last night I could not find a word from a single one. All I could find were the humming songs of you. I let go of all of the questions and ponderings long ago. All that is left is the heart and soul you've always held within you... begging me to come and find them. All that is left are the whispers and soft melodies sung of our magic. There is no end. Only beginnings... and falling every single day. Staring into the light and falling over and over again.
     So I sit... the darkness pressing in... weighing my shoulders. Threatening to cave my chest and crush it's last breath. I sip from a cup in a trembling hand.... drifting on dreams... New beginnings... I stare into the darkness... But smiling... The light has crept in. The radiance of each beam pushing back the shadows and lacing my world in brilliant blues and glowing golds... The embrace enfolding me... cradling me in a taste and smell that own me... A warm soft touch so graceful... so delicate... thrusting into the darkness and pulling me closer... The warmth enveloping my whole body and clouding fear and pain. Or slipping away from the shadows... drawing me with it... clinging to me so tightly as to never leave shadow again. Every single day... for eternity... MY sun breaking ground... MY amazing sun setting to slumber in my arms... MY magic hour... You.

© 2014 Lucifer Jones

Author's Note

Lucifer Jones
just waxing over THE love... just a beginning...

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MY friend I can picture this. The beginning caught my eye and the message sent with the way you wrote MY shortly followed. I really enjoyed the direction you took it, good kid.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Lucifer Jones

4 Years Ago

Thank you Tenn... that means a lot coming from you. THE beast approves... That's an accomplishment. .. read more

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1 Review
Added on February 8, 2014
Last Updated on April 1, 2014


Lucifer Jones
Lucifer Jones


Founder of "The Deviant Coalition" I write the way I speak... Scary, huh? I present my mindless ramblings as I have done in many other forums for years. I don't call it poetry, but that seems to be .. more..